Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dreadnought Pt.3:- Modelling Finished

Hi everyone,

I have finally finished the modelling of the dreadnought as well as its alternate arms.  This means that my Space Wolf force as it currently stands is now fully modeled!  That also means that half of this resolution is accomplished.  Now, I need to paint up the force and I can claim victory!

Back to the subject at hand.  As you can see all the detailing is ready, from the fur trophy on the 'shoulder', to the armour lining on the legs.  I decided not to give the dreadnought a Night Runner icon, instead I went for the Wolf of the Red Moon.  Since the icon of every Great Company changes with a new Wolf Lord, it would only seem reasonable to give the dreadnought a different symbol to show that his company bore a different symbol when he was alive or still fully flesh and blood.  It also adds a bit of needed diversity to the force.
Since this is not a venerable dreadnought, I did not want to over do it with the detailing, so when it came to the weapons I kept things simple, opting only for one change or addition - like a wolf-tooth necklace, fur or  Forge World brass symbol.

The only exception was with the dreadnought powerfist which I decided to buff a bit by increasing the length of the 'fingers' and adding a little more detail.

Below is a picture of all the little changes I did to the other weapon systems just to show they belong to a Space Wolf Dreadnought.

Well that is it for now.  I will return next post with some continuing work to my 54mm Conan model that I wrote about several posts back.  Now that my Space Wolf modelling push has come to a end, I will take some time to catch up on my painting.  I still have four figures to paint in order to fulfill my New Year's resolutions.

Until next time, farewell and good health,



  1. That's some great greenstuff work NR! You could easily use this as a counts as ven dread if you choose to. I know you didn't want to go overly elaborate, but it sure is a nicely done dread!

    1. Thanks Greg. I tried to keep it less elaborate than the new Space Wolf venerable dread. When I get it and build it (far in the future) I will be able to compare properly.

      In the meantime I have checked out your work on 'Feed Your Nerd' and I promise to leave some comments when I am off tomorrow night. Least to say I like what I saw!



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