Friday, October 3, 2014

Dreadnought Pt.2:- Picking Up Where I left Off!

Hi everyone,

As foretold last post, I am back with the Space Marine Dreadnought for my Space Wolf army.  After modelling this dreadnought, my small force will be ready to paint.  And I will not model anything else in the army, before I finish painting what is left.
I had begun the dreadnought at a whim, in the heat of the moment - so to speak.  I hadn't planned on building it up, until one morning I got out of bed and decided I felt like building up a dread!  I have finally phased out such behavior this passed year.

Back to the the project at hand.  The picture below shows where I had left off with the construction of the body. Basically all I did was the inner part of the sarcophagus, after which my attention span was exhausted for the project.  Until now that is!
The next step was to finish detailing the outer sarcophagus and start working on the body.  The weapons would come later.  
At first I wanted to super detail the model, but then I thought better of it.  Firstly, this is a standard dreadnought and not a venerable one.  Secondly, I decided that too much bling would reduce the utilitarian look of the model. Thirdly, this is a gaming piece and not a showcase piece - although it does catch the viewer's eye when looking  at the army as a whole.

So, I just added some extra work to the outer sarcophagus and added more Forgeworld etched parts.  I have also decided to add a wolf fur on the top left side.  The picture above just shows where the head of the wolf will be.
I also decided to add some rivets to the outer sarcophagus, in order to give it that industrial look.  While I was at it, I did some work on the leg armour as well - lining and rivets.

Well that is all for this week on the dreadnought.  Next week I will continue with the fur on top and start working on the weapons.  Hopefully, by next week the modelling will be finished as well.

Until then, farewell and good health from your friendly neighborhood modeller,


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