Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Meet Jotunta: Part 3 - Modeling Finished

Hi everyone,

I have finished the modelling of Jotunta and Foral.  Considering that these are gaming figures, I am quite happy with the results.   When I complete my New Year Resolutions list, I might even be tempted to build another one for a diorama piece and give it the full showcase piece attention.  But that is a long way away!

Below you can see several pics of the model in the pose it will be set in once painted up.  I hope you can recognize from which movie I was inspired for the pose.  Yep, the answer is a no brainer - Wolverine!

As you can see, I have added a few trophies - otherwise he wold really not fit in with my Swiftclaw Trophy hunters!  I also gave him a lizard skin flapping on the back instead of a wolf pelt.  I think this will help to make him stand out more.

Next week I start (or should I say continue!) the Swiftclaw Attack Bike!  So until next time farewell and good health from your fellow modeller and gamer;



  1. The pose of this model is bad ass. Really nice work here!

  2. Thanks Greg. I'm glad you like it!



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