Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grey Hunter Fix

Hi everyone,

I was going through my two Grey Hunter packs and I noticed that the leaders of the packs were loaded out and positioned more or less the same.  Now, I am not to worried that they both carry a plasma pistol and that they both have the Grey Hunter Totem on their backpacks.  This was quit intentional on my part.  I like a bit of uniformity in the Space Wolf sense of individualism - if that makes any sense at all!  But the arm poses had to changed.
So basically, what I did was carefully take off the arms and hands, and added replacements - namely a spear for a close combat weapon and a plasma pistol on the other arm.  I changed the arm holding the chainsword completely and replaced all the parts, but I liked the green stuff work on the left shoulder pad so I took extra care taking this off and refitting it with a spear.
Since he is holding the spear straight up in an act or gesture of command, I decided to keep the plasma pistol pointing down to accentuate the spear.  Also, being Space Wolves, a spear actually works.  It would not have been this effective if they were Ultramarines or Imperial Fists - and this is one of the reasons I enjoy modelling this Chapter so much - that and the awesome fluff!

Placed again next to each other, one can tell the difference such a small repositioning and rearming does.  The model is transformed!
Once again, only a small entry this time, but this month I have actually posted six times - a bit of a departure from my two to four posts a month!

The next post will be in the first week of October now, and it will definitely be the Dreadnought.  So until then farewell and good health to one and all.



  1. Great job varying the poses. I tend to do that with my dreads...making sure they don't all have the same arms in the same position, so they look nice when placed side by side.

    Face on the left guy (well duh greg its the only one that is painted!) is really well done. The shades, highlights, eye...all great. The pelt is lovely as well! Nice looking force!

    1. Thanks Greg for commenting - always a pleasure hearing from you. As for dreads, I agree completely. They need more attention to variation as there is not that much built into the models as respects to the model infantry. I am currently facing this problem at the moment with my two dreads. One will be a rifle-man dread and the other open to weapon combination. A little though is needed before assembling them, if one wants to achieve a nice variation.

    2. Do the SW dreads (if using that kit) still have the same uni-posed legs? That always drove me absolutely nuts with the SM dreads. It's nearly impossible to change their leg poses without massive modification. I gave up and just stacked my ironclad on three magnets to give him some fake height...of course now he spins around like crazy on the table top.

      If those contemptors weren't so expensive...

    3. I don't know actually. I don't have one on the new Venerable SW dread boxes yet. My dreads are the normal multi-part SM one and the other is the snap fit one that came with the AOBR box set. And yes their legs are a nightmare to pose. Something I am not really prepared to to for a game piece!

      I have a SM venerable dread box and I will be mixing this with the (soon to buy) SW venerable dread box. My plan is to build Bjorn and use the other parts on my SM venerable dread.



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