Monday, September 1, 2014

Epic Sales Bust out!

Hi everyone,

Last week I started to put up the first lots of my Epic 40k army for sale on Ebay, and I am happy to say that they went like cheese cakes (an old Maltese saying).  From the first lot, only one Knight Lancer is left.  The link is below.  The second lot sold out in one day!!!  I did not publicize it on my blog, but it sold out within 24hrs. Wow!

I have now put up a third lot of unopened and unpainted blisters and sprues, after which I will start to sell of my painted collection - and I hope it sells just as well.  Actually I am hoping that someone who actually plays the game ends up buying them.  At least that way, they will find a good home and actually be played with and enjoyed.

For anyone interested to take a look, the link below will take you to the last remaining Knight Lancer, and from there you can view my other Epic 40K items for sale.


The link for the above is HERE.

 So until next sale, farewell and good health from Night Runner.


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