Monday, August 25, 2014

Meet Jotunta: Part 2

Hi everyone,

Once again I have been bitten by the Space Wolf bug!  After reading the new Codex and Supplement, I could not help but start looking at modelling and painting some more Space Wolves.  In fact, it is one of my resolutions which I put on hold until the new Codex came out.

Now that it has, I can get back to working on the army.  The project I'm itching to pick up again was my Wolf Guard Bike and Biker - namely Jotunta the Untamed and Foral the Handsome.  I usually do not name my figures, but in this case I just could not help myself!

As you can see, if you check the first post on Jotunta, I have finally gotten around to adding the embossed  wolf head on either side of the tank.  As well as some lining on the top. Now the bike is ready, all I need to do is add some trophies to it - like furs, skulls etc.  I will have to do some experimenting with some items I have to see what suits it best.

In the meantime I have also started work on the rider - Foral the Handsome (or as his comrades call him 'The Insane').  I had a clear vision of what I wanted Foral to look like and took the extra effort to make sure I had all the parts I needed for him.

He will have a wolf claw for his right arm, and the final position of the bike will be slanting.  You will get a better picture of what I mean in the next post on Jotunta.


Well, after reading the codex army list I checked my army to see what needs to be done and what was done.  Below is a list:

1) 2 Grey Hunter Packs - One is ready, and the other is all modelled and just needs painting.

2) 1 Blood Claws Pack - All modelled, but 5 out of 15 need to be painted.

3) 1 Swift Claws Pack - Bikers modeled and painted except for Foral and Jotunta and one attack bike.

4) 1 Long Fangs Pack - Modelled but needs to be painted up (some models are partially painted).

5) 2 Rhino transports - Modeled and base coated. Needs extra paint work.

6) 1 Dreadnought - Neither fully modelled and needs to be painted.

So as you can see a lot has been done but much more still needs to be accomplished, at least before I start to add more units.  This is one of the resolutions I had made - that is not to start anything new before I finished off my back load of work!

So I sat down to make a working plan in order to tackle this army; and I decided that first I would finish up all the modelling that is left to do - then I will start painting the units which are partially painted and then begin those which are not painted up.

This means that I will finish the modelling of Foral & Jotunta, the Attack bike and the Dreadnought first, and then start painting up either the Blood Claws, Long Fangs or Rhinos before moving on to the second pack of Grey Hunters.

The plan has been drawn up - now I just have to stick to it!

So until next time, farewell and good health to one and all!


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