Friday, August 29, 2014

Epic 40K Ebay Sales

Hi everyone,

I mentioned a few posts ago that I would be selling off my Epic 40 collection, and today I have listed several items on Ebay for anyone interested.  It is a sad day indeed!

Below are the pictures of the items for sale and the link to Ebay if you are interested in any of them. They are selling for bargain prices as my intention is not to make a killing profit, but to get rid of them and buy something else instead.  I was thinking of models for showcase pieces.  We will see.
 The link for the above is HERE.
 The link for the above is HERE.
 The link for the above is HERE.
The link for the above is HERE.
 The link for the above is HERE.
The link for the above is HERE.

 That is all for today.  I wish everyone farewell and good health with a sad and heavy heart!


Monday, August 25, 2014

Meet Jotunta: Part 2

Hi everyone,

Once again I have been bitten by the Space Wolf bug!  After reading the new Codex and Supplement, I could not help but start looking at modelling and painting some more Space Wolves.  In fact, it is one of my resolutions which I put on hold until the new Codex came out.

Now that it has, I can get back to working on the army.  The project I'm itching to pick up again was my Wolf Guard Bike and Biker - namely Jotunta the Untamed and Foral the Handsome.  I usually do not name my figures, but in this case I just could not help myself!

As you can see, if you check the first post on Jotunta, I have finally gotten around to adding the embossed  wolf head on either side of the tank.  As well as some lining on the top. Now the bike is ready, all I need to do is add some trophies to it - like furs, skulls etc.  I will have to do some experimenting with some items I have to see what suits it best.

In the meantime I have also started work on the rider - Foral the Handsome (or as his comrades call him 'The Insane').  I had a clear vision of what I wanted Foral to look like and took the extra effort to make sure I had all the parts I needed for him.

He will have a wolf claw for his right arm, and the final position of the bike will be slanting.  You will get a better picture of what I mean in the next post on Jotunta.


Well, after reading the codex army list I checked my army to see what needs to be done and what was done.  Below is a list:

1) 2 Grey Hunter Packs - One is ready, and the other is all modelled and just needs painting.

2) 1 Blood Claws Pack - All modelled, but 5 out of 15 need to be painted.

3) 1 Swift Claws Pack - Bikers modeled and painted except for Foral and Jotunta and one attack bike.

4) 1 Long Fangs Pack - Modelled but needs to be painted up (some models are partially painted).

5) 2 Rhino transports - Modeled and base coated. Needs extra paint work.

6) 1 Dreadnought - Neither fully modelled and needs to be painted.

So as you can see a lot has been done but much more still needs to be accomplished, at least before I start to add more units.  This is one of the resolutions I had made - that is not to start anything new before I finished off my back load of work!

So I sat down to make a working plan in order to tackle this army; and I decided that first I would finish up all the modelling that is left to do - then I will start painting the units which are partially painted and then begin those which are not painted up.

This means that I will finish the modelling of Foral & Jotunta, the Attack bike and the Dreadnought first, and then start painting up either the Blood Claws, Long Fangs or Rhinos before moving on to the second pack of Grey Hunters.

The plan has been drawn up - now I just have to stick to it!

So until next time, farewell and good health to one and all!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

New project, Ebay Sales & Space Wolves

Hi everyone,

Today I start a new project after a week of non-stop work.  During the summer season in the hospitality industry,  it is hard to get any hobby related stuff done.  Nonetheless, I have slowly been working my way through several projects that I had listed in my New Year's resolution.

Four of these projects were the painting-up of 54mm figures that I had started but never completed.  One of these figures is 'Conan the Barbarian'.  I have decided that this will be the next resolution to complete. 

I have always been a fan of barbarians, whether historical or fantasy, and I have a soft spot for Robert.E. Howard's legendary character.  Several years ago I bought this figure from a Spanish company called Andrea Miniatures.  The model was inspired from the first Conan the Barbarian movie featuring everyone's favourite Terminator - Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.  In fact the figure does look a lot like him.  The scence is taken from the later half of the movie when Conan and his archer friend make a stand after saving a princess (I think) from the temple of the serpent god Set.
Well, like so many other projects on my Shelf of Shame, this one was started and, for some reason I have completely forgotten about, stopped.  As you can see from the pic blow the only thing ready is the face.  This comes as no surprise because it is my style to start the face first on showcase miniatures.  If I don't like how the face turns out, then I don't like how the miniature will turn out.
Other than the face, only the arms are nearly done, so for all tends and purposes it is back to square one with this.  The picture below shows the accessories the kit came with - a stand, shield, sword and some stakes with a mound.  Andrea are very good at presenting figures with enough scenery to tell a story.  I have several other figures from their collection and they are all presented in the same way.  I guess it is how they stay ahead of their competition.
Well, hopefully next week I will show some progress pictures of this model.  Now for some personal news.  After so many years of playing Epic 40K and after even more years of not playing due to lack of community interest and lack of support from GW, I have come to the decision that it would be best to sell off my collection of OOP models and invest in something more current - I am thinking Dropzone Commander or Infinity depending on the interest I find in my gaming circles.  

If anything, the ranges are very nice, especially the Infinity models.  If I manage to sell enough figures from my collection I might reinvest in one of their starter box sets, which both seem very good value for money.

I will start off with the Knights.  I was never a fan of these models, in fact they are still in their blister packs.  So I guess they make for a good first candidate.  If they sell I will move on to the other painted models - and I will see where I get to from there.  So if anyone is interested, then keep an eye out for them on Ebay next week - they will go for a bargain!

If anybody knows a thing about me, then it is my passion for Space Wolves.  I have always been a fan of this Chapter since Rogue Trader and probably will remain so till the day I die.  Having said that, I am not always a fan of the models they bring out - Santa Logan in particular.

My currant Space Wolf army is probably my fourth and is also one of the several remaining resolutions I have yet to fulfill.  I wanted to start it first, but I had heard a rumour that a new codex was on its way so I decided to hold off till it came out.

Now that it is here and now that we fans also have a supplement as well, it is time to get back to the old drawing board with them.  I liked the fluff in the 5ed codex so much that it made me want to start a new army.  The new codex has lost a lot of fluffy flavour in my opinion but it has opened up some nice options for us. 

So it is time to restart painting my army and get it finished.  This will definitely be my last Space Wolf army and also my last Games Workshop army as well - at least not until prices drop radically - maybe in a blue moon.

Fortunately enough I have stuff hoarded over the years to complete it without having to buy any new miniatures if I so wanted - but I do want to get my hands on one of the Venerable Dreadnought box sets and see what I can kit bash out of it.  I will not be buying the chariot but I will try to get my hands on the new Logan model, as my Great Company are the Nightrunners.

Well that is all for now.  As I always do - it has become a tradition I guess - I wish you all farewell and good health 


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WW2 Diorama - 5 - Finished!

Hi everyone,

I am glad to say at last that my little WW2 diorama - christened Germans at Rest is finally ready!  Although I did not enjoy this as much as my other projects, mostly due to the overly small scale, I am nonetheless very satisfied with it.  Especially since it is my first foray into this modelling genre.  So lets go through the pics.

The first four photos are basically a 360 degree shoot from four different angles, i.e. back and front, and both sides.

The next selection of photos take a closer look at the 1/72 photo-etched plants that I used for this project.  These were very fiddly to handle, but I think the effort is worth it.  They give the 'sense of realism' I have tried to create an extra boost.

Finally, the last three pics show a bit of the 'extras' I put into this diorama in the form of equipment laying around.  I believe they do wonders for the overly story I am trying to convey.

Well, what can I say?  I know! : RESOLUTION COMPLETED!!! Hurray!!!!

Now that this is behind me, I am going to have to choose another one of my undone projects from the vile Shelf of Shame.  Unfortunately I have not decided yet - but I think I will go with one of the painting projects that I started and abandoned for no good reason I can remember.

As always farewell and good health from your dedicated blogger Nightrunner!


Monday, August 4, 2014

WW2 Diorama - Part 4

Hi everyone,

In the short time available to me I have been busy working on my little WW2 diorama.  A very wise modeller once told me that it is more important to finish a diorama than get it perfect...and I have to agree with him.  With this in mind, I have nearly crossed the finish line with this one.

By far the most time consuming were the remaining five German soldiers.  I wont go into the process of painting them, since I have already done so in the previous posts.  What I will say is that painting them up was not very enjoyable.  In fact, the opposite was more like it.  I found their scale and lack of definition very frustrating.  At this scale, it is more important to give the impression of accuracy rather than the actual thing, but it was still a pain in the tender side.  And these are some of the best figures in this scale!  It is definitely 28mm and up for showcase pieces from now on.  Anything smaller is solely gaming material - as well as their painting treatment.
The next step was to position them in an interesting and meaningful manner.  I already had my mind fixed on how I wanted them placed, but more fine tuning was needed.

When I finally decided where everyone went I drilled holes and fitted them in.  Later I placed paper clip rods in the drilled holes to protect them from the basing materials.
The pic below shows some of the basing materials I have used in this diorama.  I have used mostly clump foliage, as it looks better at this scale than static grass, grass tufts, photo-etched plants, and laser cut paper leaves, besides other clump foliage.
The process was done in two successive layers.  The first, seen below, was the initial layer.  This is simply achieved by flocking the base with scatter material.  I chose three different colours and blended them together.
The next step is the 'detailing' part so to speak. Here I added another layer of scatter material made up from crushed cooking herbs at the bottom of the inclination (it is the darker, brown material).  Then I added the photo-etched plants and the grass tufts.  Finally I went around adding clump foliage where I thought the sence needed more interest.

The diorama is nearly ready now.  All that is left are a few details and then putting the whole thing together.  Hopefully the next post will bring this string of posts to a conclusion.

So until next week farewell and good health from your earth bound neighbourly blogger,



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