Friday, June 13, 2014

Minotaurs Vs Lamenters (Part 5) - The Return

Hi everyone,

Maybe you remember this little vignette on the shelf of shame in my man cave.  Well I listed this down as one of my New Year resolutions and here I am making good on that claim. 

So I have been doing a lot of work on this project, but for this post I will focus on the base since I have finished painting it up.  I apologize for the lack of progress pics, but the high season at work has started and my time dedicated to my hobby has been further reduced.

Well, I have to admit that painting the base was even more complicated and complex than the miniatures.  I found a lot of difficulty with the marble on the floor panels and walls, but in the end I think I got a good result.
I had to raise the floor a tad due to fitting problems, and this forced me to redo the Lamenter's banner which was fitted to the previous height.  A bit of a hassle, but it could not be avoided.  Actually it could have been avoided with a bit more careful planning - but that is another story and lesson for another blog post.

On the bright side, raising the floor allowed more of the work under the floor tiles to be seen - and that is definitely a plus, since I put a lot of work into that section.
The part I enjoyed most while painting up the base is the weathering and the effects, namely the rust, dust, blood splattering and the energy effects.

The blood on the floor had to be rearranged a bit as I calculated the position of the Lamenter wrongly - yep more planning!, but with the finished product you will see that it does not really effect the overall composition.

The energy effects on the energy bars have not been done in these pictures except for the green painting.  This is because I wanted plasma streaks to jump off the bars and onto the banner of the Lamenter.  You will be seeing this in a later blog post.

Well that's all for this week.  I will return with another installment of this project featuring the Lamenter himself.

Until then farewell and good health,


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