Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dystopisn Wars - Aristotle Battleship pt.2 [Problems]

Hi everyone,

I am back with the second part of this mini-project, as well as a major problem with the work!

The next step after the basic pattern was painted in was to give the model several washes.  I do this by first giving it a gloss coat, then several enamel or oil washes, then when the whole thing is dry another matt coat to kill the shine of the gloss.

I normally always use Tamiya clear gloss and matt sprays.  Unfortunately, I ran out of Tamiya matt spray so I opted for a Humbrol option.  I never used Humbrol sprays before, and to be honest I am experienced enough to know that I should have tested the product before using it with my models - but I didn't!

After spraying the model with Humbrol matt spray, the whole model frosted over!  Now I was quite sure the environment I sprayed in was not humid!  So I found it quite puzzling besides enormously frustrating.

I tried to correct the problem by adding one or two extra layers of varnish - mostly Tamiya gloss and then matting with an acrylic brush on varnish.  This has the effect of leveling out the imperfections and can reduce the frosting.  To my despair, this had no effect.
This means that the frosting was due to a chemical reaction between both the sprays.  Doing some research on the Internet I have discovered that I am not the only one that has suffered tragedy at the hands of Humbrol's matt spray varnish!

The only two options in front of me are 1) strip the model and repaint, or 2) try to touch it up.  I opted for the second option.

I will continue this post next Wednesday.  I hope to have finished it by then.  If not, then that means my attempt at patching up did not work and the model went into the dip!

Well that's all for now.  Farewell and good health,


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