Friday, April 25, 2014

Dystopian Wars - More Drones

Hi everyone,

At the moment I am currently working on my Dystopian War army in order to complete my new year's resolution.  Last post I finished my Battleship, so this week I decided to do something small since I have a busy week at work.  Hence the drones!

The drones are a pleasure to paint with respects to army building.  All you have to do is give them a base colour, a wash and then paint up the model base with a blue hue.  Viola you're done.

I have already painted up ten drones from the starter set, but I decided to do some more just for the fun of it.  I had some drones from the Sky Fortress and some more I bought from Ebay.
The first thing I did was give them a black base coat.  The next step was to paint the drones and the sides of the base with chainmail and then a black wash.  When the whole thing is dry, I give all the tokens a light dry brush of silver to pick out the details.
At this point, I like to let the models dry for an hour or two, before continuing.  When they have dried I give them a light wash of emerald green to reflect the hi-tech energy from their arcane science.

The last step is to paint the base blue and build up some waves by dabbing with several light shades.  The effect is nice and adequate, besides very quick.
The final step is to paint the tip of the drones with emerald green.  A slight touch with a brush loaded with emerald green will do the trick nicely. 

And there you have it, twelve flyer tokens done in three hours!  Altogether now, I have 22 tokens - I might just paint up two more to have 24, i.e. 4 units of 6 tokens each - but I wont post an article on it !

Next week I will continue with my Dystopian Wars army.  The Plutarch Destroyers are up next, followed by some medium flyers.  I probably have the next two months dedicated to this, then the first of my resolutions will be complete.

Until next time then, farewell and good health,


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