Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dystopian Wars - Aristotle Battleship Pt.1

Hi everyone,

I am back to Dystopian Wars, and the ongoing fulfillment of one of my New Year's resolutions - to paint up a small force for this fantastic game.  I will also be posting new posts of the Minotaur's vs Lamenter's vignette - a project long overdue.  This will be coming after this series of posts on the Aristotle.

So let's get on topic shall we?  The battleship I am painting up is from the Covenant of Antarctica Naval Battle Group, the fist battle group that came out for this faction.  This is the basis of the force I will be playing with.

Like almost every miniature I have from Spartan Games, the figures are crisp and clean and need minimal attention.  To be honest though, the Daedulus Class Large Flyer deed need some attention due to mould lines but nothing insurmountable.

After washing the model with warm water, soap and an old toothbrush, I gave it a black undercoat and an offwhite basecoat.
I then proceeded to add the camouflage, and paint in the metallic parts.  I wanted to keep a theme with the other models in the fleet, so I kept the metallic the same at least.

I then proceeded to add washes to the metallic parts - black for the chainmail parts and brown for the copper parts. The next step are the enamel and oil washes which I will cover in the next post. 

So until then,Farewell and good health,



  1. Well, since they're releasing a new rulebook soon, I'll be reading with interest.
    There's two games I'm really interested in, this and the upcoming skirmish game Arena Rex.

    Love the paintjobs, btw. Looking forward to this!

    By the way...if I ever break down and buy a Dystopian Wars starter set...I now have someone to blame.

  2. You're welcome! I am looking forward to Arena Rex myself. The minis are incredible and I also see a lot of diorama potential. A pity I was running short on spare cash and could not invest in the Kickstarter. Anyway, always glad to here from you SinSyn



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