Sunday, March 30, 2014

Of All the Questions they Ask Me!

Hi everyone,

I was asked about how to take good quality pictures of my models for my blog.  This surprised me to no end as I am not a very good photographer and I struggle and experiment a lot to get decent pictures at best.

Nonetheless it is not like me to turn my back on anyone who takes the time to read my blog and ask a question - so I will answer in the best way I can.

The best answer I can give is to refer you to one of the best miniature painting sites out there on the internets that have excellent articles on the subject.  This is where I learned to improve my photography, and I am sure that anyone who reads them will improve as well!  The site belongs to the ultra-talented blokes of MASSIVE VOODOO.  If you have never visited this site then I strongly recommend that you do - now!

The links to the articles are below:-

Tutorial - How to build a photo setup

Miniature Photography Part 2: How do I take good photos of my miniatures with a DSLR?

In the meantime I would just like to show you my version of a light box I made on the cheap and within 2 hours of messing around. The picture below shows what you can make with a few Euros.  I made this simple light box from some balsa wood, baking paper, black card and polystyrene.

The polystyrene I already had from some pre-made, flat-pack furniture I bought in the past.  The rest I bought.  I just put it together with PVA glue and pins and let it dry.  It has served me quite well.

Well that is the last post for this month.  I am still producing four posts a month and nearly on a regular schedule - so I am happy.  Believe it or not, working to a deadline keeps me very focused.  So all is well.

So until next time, farewell and good healt,



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