Monday, February 10, 2014

Plamo Modeling Competition 2013 - 2nd Place!

Hi everyone,

A bit of self-gratification here, but I need a outlet - so there!  I humbly announce I came 2nd in the Plamo Modeling Competition 2013, with my entry 'Laputa : Castle in the Sky'. I am very happy and excited about the competition and I would like to congratulate all the winners for their fine work - especially in the advanced category.
My entry was the 'Gardener Robot' by Fine Molds, and it was a pleasure to build.  It was also very difficult considering I have never done anything like it before.  I am mostly a 28mm to 54mm figure painter when it comes to modelling, so working on 1/20 scale was a whole new ball game for me!  In fact every step of the way was new to me, so I literally had to experiment with many new products and materials in order to get the look I was aiming at.
Now that the winners have been published I can and will publish a series of posts talking about how I built the kit in various stages.  I predict four or five posts altogether.  I hope you will all enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed building the figure up!

In the meantime hope over to HLJ to see the winners of the competition.  There are some truly amazing stuff!
The link to the winners video presentation is HERE!

Thanks one more time to Hobbylink Japan for hosting this competition and a merited pat on the back to all the modellers who took the time to enter. The comradeship ad encouragement was fantastic - in fact it felt more like a group of old friends meeting together and building models than a competition!

Until next post, farewell and good health,


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