Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review on Request - Basicks Wolf Comparison

Hi everyone,

I'm back with my first post for 2014.  This time I am revisiting the Basicks Wolf on request.  The gentleman that asked for this review wanted to know how the Basicks wolf compares with the GW Thunder Wolves.  To my eternal astonishment I do not know why I did not make this comparison in the original post in the first place?

Well enough with the talk, it is time to see some pictures.  I have taken several pictures from the left and right sides and front and back besides one from the top.

As you can see they are roughly the same size.  In my first post I said that the Basicks wolf was slightly slenderer, but I was mistaken.  I initially compared the Basicks wolf with the GW wolf when it was still on the sprue.  This was why I probably made the mistake.  I will fix the original post review.  The Basicks wolf is rather thicker in the waist and minutely wider in the chest.  This might vary with the other GW wolves.  I have not assembled them yet so I cannot say accurately.

Another difference that struck me was the texture of the fur.  The GW wolf's fur is very stylistic and cad-like compared to the Basicks wolf - which is more natural in my opinion.  This could work either way for the army collector tastes.  It could bring diversity or stand out to the point of being an irritant. The choice is finally up to the collector/gamer and his or her tastes.

The second difference is with the heads of the wolves.  The Basicks wolf's head is slightly shorter in length but wider from the front.  This gives the Basicks wolf a bulkier, heavy set look which I find more attractive, but does not diminish the GW wolf.  They are just different that way. 

Over all, I think it comes down to what you want the wolves for and how much you are inclined to spend.  If you are building a Space Wolf army, I would definitely go with the GW wolves.  They are more bang for your buck plus they come with a load of extras and a box contains three wolves.  If I were building a large force, I might buy one of the Basicks wolves with saddle as a leader or character mount.  They do tend to stand out being somewhat stockier and, in my humble opinion, better looking.

If you want to build a diorama or show case piece then I personally would spend the extra quid and go with the Basicks Wolf.   I think the Basicks wolf would just look better with a good paint job, a nice stand and in a diorama or vignette.  Mind you I have seen whole squads of the Basicks wolves, among other companies, in Space Wolf armies, but these were before GW issued their product.

Well that is all for now.  Next week I will be back with another review correction, the Bitspudlo wolf, until then,

Farewell and good health.



  1. Thanks for taking the time to do that. It looks like it would fit right in with the GW ones. Now to find a place to purchase them with decent shipping rates!



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