Thursday, January 30, 2014

Bitspudlo Wolf Re-Visit

Hi everyone,

Today I am giving a quick re-review of the Bitspudlo wolf.  I am revisiting this subject because I want to compare it to the GW Thunder Wolf.

I have taken shots from front and back, both sides and from the top; just like I did with the Basicks wolf. So lets start.

As with the Basicks wolf, the most distinctive feature between these wolves is the style of the sculpting.  The GW wolf is far more stylistic than the Bitspudlo wolf, and to be honest the quality of the GW sculpting is fairly superior as well. The GW wolf is also more dynamically posed, while the Bitspudlo wolf is more static, but this is a matter of taste and perspective.  Personally I don't mind the static pose of the Bitspudlo wolf, in fact I think it is becoming.  Having said that, Bitspudlodo have more dynamically posed wolves in their collection.

Personally, the only two things going for the Bitspudlo wolf are its size and strangeness.  Its bulkiness gives it a robustness that the GW wolf does not have, and its appearance, so strange, gives the Bitspudlo wolf an eeriness that redeems it.

Unlike the Basicks wolf, the only reason I would recommend anyone to buy this is if they really need/want it for some modelling project.  For example, I want it for a Iron Priest mount in my Space Wolf army.  Unfortunately, with the the rumour that there will be a new SW codex this year, I will not be doing this for now. Otherwise I would recommend the GW wolves every time.  They are simply better casted, better constructed and offer better build options.  They are also better value for money when it comes to wargaming.

I will be back after February with more great wolf comparisons from another company, namely Masq-Mini wolves.  I have four of them - enough for 4 posts!  Please do not ask a review of the Mr.Dandy wolves.  I don't have any and personally - I do dislike them with a passion.

Well, that's all for now.

Farewll and good health,


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