Monday, October 28, 2013

Resolutions Broken!

Hi everyone,

Yep, I have broken one resolution I had made a point not to.  That is, not to start anything new until I finished up the back log of projects waiting completion, like my Minotaur Vs Lamenter vignette and the Counter Strike diorama.
I do not want to make excuses so I will give a valid reason.  I have entered the Hobbylink TV Advanced Modelling Competition. As a norm, I never enter competitions of any kind.  Besides the fact that they make me uncomfortable and self-conscious, not to mention the amount of tension it creates in me.  Therefore as a rule I don't like competing in general, medals and trophies don't interest me, and I am only in competition with myself.

I broke this rule as well, but I did so because Hobbylink Japan [HLJ from now on] are offering product for those that place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.  I find this great!  I always enjoy buying new tools and kits from this company, so getting stuff virtually for free was an opportunity impossible for me to turn down - well not impossible but extremely tempting and I fell!

Also I could not enter something I already published on my blog.  The entries had to be seen  for first time on their site.  Not only that, but one has to submit at least four blog posts detailing the progress a various stages of the entry.  This left me no choice but to start something new.

I decided to build the Robot Gardner kit from the Japanese anime movie called Laputa: Castle in the Sky.  I am sure you have all heard of it.  I bought the kit from HLJ, so I decided to go for it. As I can not post the progress here until the competition closes and the results are published, anyone who wants to see it will have to click on this link here to follow.  While you are at it, I also encourage you all to join Hobbylink TV, and why not - join the competition as well.  There is still time to do something and from scratch and enter. 

If any of you do decide enter the competition or not, just join and post your stuff and comment on one of the different groups or if you want make your own group!  I have opened a group called Diorama Display and I would be honored if anyone would like to join up and post your masterpieces there.  

Well that's it for today.  Until my next post I bid you all farewell and good health,



Saturday, October 19, 2013

10mm High Elf Scouts

Hi everyone,

Another short post in the same vein as the previous one.  Today I like to show my 10mm High Elf Scouts or proxy Shadow Warriors.

These figures were converted from High Elf archers.  In all cases the cloaks and blankets were added with putty.  I also added ropes and other equipment here and there.  The most difficult and tedious aspect of their conversion were the bows which I cut and repositioned.  Being scouts, I only needed to place three models per base which helped  a lot in reducing production.  Altogether I have eight bases which I use in two units.
As  most of you know, scouts are used mostly as screening or harassing units.  I prefer the latter with High Elves as they are quite expensive comparatively with other scout troops of different races.

Well, that's all for today.  I am not sure what to post next so I just you will just have to wait and see.

Farwell and good health,


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10mm High Elf Phoenix Guard

Hi everyone,

A short post this week of my finished 10mm Phoenix Guard. I have been working slowly to finish this 10mm army as one of my resolutions to finish all my open end projects.

I painted the figures red and white with gold armour.  The intention was to make them distinct from the spearmen which are mainly blue and chainmail, and a focus for the infantry units.  The painting is basically blocked in with very little shading, washes or highlighting - at least where I could avoid it!

I have two more elite infantry units to paint up.  One is the  Sword Master of Hoeth from the same Citadel range as the Phoenix Guard and the other are the White Lions of Chrace.  Citadel never brought out the White Lions on this scale but Eureka Miniatures have a good proxy for them that you can find here.
Well that is all for today.  In the next post  I will continue with the 10mm High Elves and present the High Elf Scouts (or Shadow Warriors at least in theory!).

Until then farewell and good health,


Friday, October 11, 2013


Hi everyone,

Since last Friday, after Beasts of War announced its dissolution with Wayland Games and Tabletop Nation due to a legal missive from Games Workshop’s legal team, I have been thinking very seriously about this monster in the wargaming industry. 

There is no doubt in my mind that GW has harmed the community by de facto forcing BOW and TTN to dissolve.  It is a shame that a company becomes so obsessed with sales and money making, that it comes to a point were it forgets why it makes money and simply focuses on how. 
I have always been a fan of BOW.  For me it is an excellent source of news that keeps me in touch with the 'happenings' and 'going-ons' of the industry and community in general.  To my shame I have never been a back-stager.  I was just not interested in the content therein, but I never took the time to consider that by being a back-stager I could help support the content I did like.  So from now on I will redress this shortcoming and sign up.  I urge anyone who enjoys the show to do the same.
I have come to another conclusion as well.  I have stopped playing Warhammer Fantasy for a while now, but starting from today I will not play anymore 40K as well. I will still buy a few Citadel Miniatures here and there for diorama purposes simply because I love the universe, but no more buying for army building.
What really irks me is that BOW have always given good coverage of GW's products.  Yes, sometimes they have been critical but in my opinion the critique was merited. With their new set of trade terms that force GW's trade customers to adhere to a clause that effectively punishes Wayland Games for any advance reporting by BOW is simply absurd.
I think the community, BOW, Tabletop Nation and Wayland Games do not deserve this and it saddens me to see this hobby in this sorry state of affairs.  I wish BOW the best and I hope they grow from strength to strength with the help of a loyal and appreciative community spirit.
Farewell and good health,


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