Monday, September 30, 2013

Review - Basicks Great Wolf

Hi Everyone,

Today I have another review.  Anyone who has stumbled upon my little blog before, knows I am a profound Space Wolves fan.  I also believe that there are many types of breeds of Wolves on Fenris, and I have a plan to build three vignettes of a Space wolves with these great beasts.

The last review was of the Bitspuldo Sturm Wolf. Now I preset the 'Basicks' great wolf.  This wolf is cast in resin and is one of six types.  Actually there are 3 types of wolves. The three wolves can be bought with or without saddles.  They also come with three different heads which are interchangeable.

The great thing about this model is that Basicks actually send you all 3 different heads with every model - fantastic!

The model itself is very well defined with sharp detail.  The cast has minimal flash and will require very little cleaning.  The legs, tail and head need to be attached and do need a bit of putty to fill in the seems.  With models covered in fur, this is to be expected and is no feat really.

What I find strange is that several parts come in different coloured resin?  You can see this in the pictures. This does not effect the quality of the product in any way.  It just seems odd!

The next two pics are comparisons with a Space Marine for size and the Bitspuldo Sturm Wolf.

As you can see the wolf is of good riding size when compared to the Space Marine, and is roughly the same size as the GW plastic Thunder Wolves.  I can envision this Basicks wolf as Scout Wolf used for recon purposes - in fact that is probably the theme I will use it in the vignette I want to build for it.

The next comparison is with the Bitspuldo wolf.  From the picture above, it is obvious that the Bitspuldo wolf is the opposite of the Basicks wolf.  Where the Basicks' wolf is slender elegant and looks fast and fleeting - the Bitspuldo wolf is bulky and looks slower - it would be more appropriate as a battle beast in the front line. A ram so to speak.  Both have only one pose but the Basicks wolf has the advantage of varied heads as well as a finely detail base which you do not get with the Bitspuldo Wolf.

N.B. - A gentleman who read this article has pointed out that the Basick's site does not sell the base with the model.  I have checked this myself and it is true.  Nonetheless, they did send the base with the model.  I have not contacted Basicks to inquire about this, but if you do decide to buy this model, then do not expect a base.

The only drawback I find in the Basicks wolf is the price which is a bit steep and the packaging which is none existent.  The model came in a vacuum seal bag with some foam packaging in the parcel.


I say if you like these models, then go ahead and buy them.  They are well cast, detailed and well sculpted.  They can only enhance any Space Wolf army.

Farewell and good health,


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flames of War - Bases

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd post some pics as a comparison for FOW, hopefully anyone deciding what to buy can have a reference.

The first pic are the bases from The Plastic Soldier Company.  They come cheap and in clear plastic packaging.  I find them ideal, but they do not have any round model base inserts.

The next pic is a comparison between The Plastic Soldier Company and the bases that come in the Wargames Factory box set.  As you cane see the Wargames Factory bases are pointed at the edges and somewhat thinner.

The next comparison is once again between The Plastic Soldier Company bases and Battlefront miniatures.  The Battlefront Miniatures' bases are roughly the same size and both have rounded corners.  The Battlefront bases are a bit thicker and have round model base inserts.  These inserts come in handy, but are found only on the small and medium bases.  The Plastic Soldier Company bases are all the same colour which I find convenient as I don't paint the bases. 

I find that if you paint the Battlefront bases khaki, they are virtually indistinguishable from the The Plastic Soldier Company bases.  Well that is all for now.  I hope to be back with more next week.  In the meantime I off to play FOW.

Farewell and good health,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flames of War - Pak 40

Hi everyone,

Tonight I have just finished taking pictures of the PaK40s I have just built up from Battlefront Miniatures.
I have heard a lot over the internet about how expensive Battlefront miniatures are, but I have never actually seen any of them up close - so I did not have an idea about the quality.  In all honesty I am not impressed.  Especially when you consider the price tag on these items.

On opening the box, you will find that the figures do not need so much cleaning, but the seem lines on the guns and models did require some attention. The resin field car was probably the only miniature that did not need any cleaning at all.

What did put me off was the ill-fitting parts of the PaK40 carriage.  I tried every-which-way, but I just could not get them to fit neatly like the picture on the box.
In the end I had to add two strips of plastic to the sides of the carriage in order to get the gun shield to fit neatly.
 As you can see the fit is much better without the wheels slanting outward.  This is not something I expected to see in a product from such an established company as Battlefront.

The painting though was a breeze and enjoyable.  The infantry was painted up just like the rest of my Grenadier platoons in the Late Period Wehrmacht colours, and the PaK40 and the Kfz 15 field car  were painted up with the colour scheme as my tanks - i.e. a Dunkelgelb base with brown and olive green camouflage.

Overall I cannot say I am completely disappointed with the set, but as I mentioned before, for the price tag I expected a bit more.  To be honest, if Plastic Soldier Company had their Pak40 set out by now, I would have gone for that.  The positive thing about this set is that you get all the options in the briefing entry - i.e. four PaK40, a command team, as well as a Kfz 15 field car.

Well that is all for today,  but I will be posting a short review of the plastic base options for Flames of War in a few days time.

Until then farewell and good health.



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