Monday, June 24, 2013

The Rhinos - Part 3

Hi everyone,

This post was a bit unexpected.  I was not going to paint up the rhinos just yet as I have another project I want to finish up, but I have a game of 40k and I just wanted to field them.  So I decided to compromise and I painted them with a base coat for now until I can get back to them later.

First I used my handy airbrush to undercoat the rhinos with a black ready-for-airbrush primer.  I try to use these types of ready mixed products when I can.  They save up a lot of time and hassle.

Next I sprayed the rhinos with Adeptus Battlegrey. This is the same base I use for my troops, so this time I was forced to dilute the paint.  The pictures' grey don't match.  This is because of my poor camera skills and is not due to different paint.

I felt that the rhinos needed some colour and icons to spice things up, so I opted to add a bit using decals from the Forge World set.  This step unfortunately does not allow me to highlight the tanks with my airbrush, but I did not have enough time to fiddle around with highlighting.  I will have to highlight the tanks the conventional way - with a brush.  For now they are good enough to play with.

Well that is all for tonight.  Hopefully I will complete the paint job sometime soon.  I have a resoulution to live up to after all. But...

Next month will be dedicated to FLAMES OF WAR!  That's right, I have been pondering what to start playing after giving up on Epic and the closing down of the Specialist Games department.  Since I had the rulebook, I decided to take the plunge.  I have not played a historical wargame in a while.  I am very excited!

Farewell and good health,


Monday, June 17, 2013

The Rhinos - Part 2

Hi everyone,

As promised, I have continued working on the detailing of the rhinos.  This has been quite fun, since I am more in my element here.  They are basically ready and all they need is a nice coat of paint.

With both rhinos I added some stowage on the rear next to the ramp. This is made up basically of bags, water canteens, knives and ropes. This is a very simple step, but I find it can make a great difference with the visual impact of the models.

The second addition was some wolf-tooth talismans.  Many say this is a bit cliche and over done - true, but Space Wolves and wolf-tooth talismans go together like Simon and Garfunkel. So I simply had no real choice in the matter!


The last but not least are the wolf furs.  No real space wolf vehicle can feel complete without one - at least not in my book.  The first is a very simple wolf cloak spread.  The second is a bit more elaborate.  Slightly a bit too much for a gaming model, but fun to do.

The next step is the painting, but they will have to wait since I am currently engaged in two other paint jobs.  This is all part of my resolution to finish what I start before moving on.  Unfortunately, I have several open projects which I have to close before I can really start on my resolution.  In fact, this project was one of those open projects which I finally got my head around and completed.

Well that is all for now folks,

Farewell and good health,


Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rhinos - Part 1

Hi everyone,

I have finally got around to building up my two Rhinos for my Space Wolves.  I have had these two kits for a long time.  One I had bought when the new Rhino model had come out (the light grey one), and the other came with the Space Marine Mega-box I bought from the now defunct Maelstrom Games (the dark grey one).

To give them that extra Space Wolf look I also bought some Forgeworld Space Wolf upgrades and shared them between the two.  The resin parts were slightly warped, but it was nothing a bit of hot water could not fix.

It is only fair to point out at this juncture that the kits are not very good fits.  The older light grey one was worse than the newer one, and I had to do several modifications to get a good fit.  A lot of hassle for nothing.

Like all my army, I wanted to modify and personalize them so I decided to add some extra details.  As you can see from the picture below, These consisted from some Forgeworld etched parts and some brass and plastic rod work.

I added the brass rod handles, because I envision the Space Wolves grabbing on to the sides of the Rhinos in blitzkrieg action type manoeuvres.  The other parts, that is the white plastic parts I added because I thought they made the vehicles look different.

I also stumbled upon some truck sprues and I decided to add the head lights to the Rhinos.  I may have gone a bit overboard with this, but I just think they look cool.  I also gave the darker Rhino curved exhaust pipes taken from the truck sprue as well.

Well that is all for now.  In the next post I will continue adding some more detail with  green stuff before I start painting them up.

Until then,  Farewell and good health,



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