Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10mm High Elf Phoenix Guard

Hi everyone,

A short post this week of my finished 10mm Phoenix Guard. I have been working slowly to finish this 10mm army as one of my resolutions to finish all my open end projects.

I painted the figures red and white with gold armour.  The intention was to make them distinct from the spearmen which are mainly blue and chainmail, and a focus for the infantry units.  The painting is basically blocked in with very little shading, washes or highlighting - at least where I could avoid it!

I have two more elite infantry units to paint up.  One is the  Sword Master of Hoeth from the same Citadel range as the Phoenix Guard and the other are the White Lions of Chrace.  Citadel never brought out the White Lions on this scale but Eureka Miniatures have a good proxy for them that you can find here.
Well that is all for today.  In the next post  I will continue with the 10mm High Elves and present the High Elf Scouts (or Shadow Warriors at least in theory!).

Until then farewell and good health,


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