Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Flames of War - Pak 40

Hi everyone,

Tonight I have just finished taking pictures of the PaK40s I have just built up from Battlefront Miniatures.
I have heard a lot over the internet about how expensive Battlefront miniatures are, but I have never actually seen any of them up close - so I did not have an idea about the quality.  In all honesty I am not impressed.  Especially when you consider the price tag on these items.

On opening the box, you will find that the figures do not need so much cleaning, but the seem lines on the guns and models did require some attention. The resin field car was probably the only miniature that did not need any cleaning at all.

What did put me off was the ill-fitting parts of the PaK40 carriage.  I tried every-which-way, but I just could not get them to fit neatly like the picture on the box.
In the end I had to add two strips of plastic to the sides of the carriage in order to get the gun shield to fit neatly.
 As you can see the fit is much better without the wheels slanting outward.  This is not something I expected to see in a product from such an established company as Battlefront.

The painting though was a breeze and enjoyable.  The infantry was painted up just like the rest of my Grenadier platoons in the Late Period Wehrmacht colours, and the PaK40 and the Kfz 15 field car  were painted up with the colour scheme as my tanks - i.e. a Dunkelgelb base with brown and olive green camouflage.

Overall I cannot say I am completely disappointed with the set, but as I mentioned before, for the price tag I expected a bit more.  To be honest, if Plastic Soldier Company had their Pak40 set out by now, I would have gone for that.  The positive thing about this set is that you get all the options in the briefing entry - i.e. four PaK40, a command team, as well as a Kfz 15 field car.

Well that is all for today,  but I will be posting a short review of the plastic base options for Flames of War in a few days time.

Until then farewell and good health.


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