Monday, August 5, 2013

Review : Bitspudlo Storm Wolf

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to do a quick review of a miniature I bought recently, and which I always wanted since I first saw it.  It is one of Bitspudlo's Storm Wolves.  Now I know that GW have their own Thunder Wolves in plastic, but I like the idea of different breeds of Fenrisian wolves - To hell with the 'there are no wolves on Fenris' crap.

So below is the Storm Wolf Gamma that caught my eye.  At 18 euros, it is neither cheap nor expensive for a resin model, when considering the size and quality which I will get to shortly. 

The model comes in the normal plastic packing, and the post packing was good enough to keep the model secure.
Although the model does seem imposing from a distance, up close the details lack the sharpness of casting of other ranges like Forgeworld or Spartan Games.  For example the face of the wolf was rather 'flashed up', and will need a lot of delicate cleaning before I even start undercoating it.  I might even have to touch up and define certain areas with putty.  I found this a bit disappointing.

The legs are cast separately and their fitting is not bad, but once again I was not impressed at all.  Since they are covered in fur, they can be easily filled up with putty to cover any gaps.
Other details like the cabling and saddle accessories are not bad, but could have been sharper.  Once again I will be adding some extra detail myself - to give depth and character to the model.  The armour sections will need some work as well.  I might even consider adding some Fenrisian decorative detail to them just for diversity.

The only part of the model that was damaged or cut off from the mold brutally was the tail section.  I have the feeling that this is where the figure was connected to the runner.  It has been cut off with a sharp tool and part of the tail has been removed.  Fortunately, since it is a tail piece, it can easily be reconstructed, but I was sadly disappointed.  Here is a link to their site to see how the tail should have been.
The last pic is with a Space Wolf model for size comparisons.  As you can see the wolf is a monster and looks quite impressive, while not overly large like the Mr Dandy wolves - which I do not fancy much by the way (their detail and armour seem very bland).
So what is the verdict - do not buy unless you are prepared to put in a lot of work into it.  The model has its strengths like design concept and nice detail presentation, but it likes refinement in those same details.  It also suffers from poor manufacturing and the whole piece is affected because of it. I wanted it for a small vignette idea I have and I think with some patience I can still pull it off, but I will have to go the extra mile.  Let's hope it will be worth it!

Well that's all for now.  Next week it is back to Dystopian Wars.  Until then,

Farewell and good health,



  1. Hello,

    This is an interesting project. Thanks for sharing.

    And that brings me to a question.
    What do you think of the war bears of scibor miniature ?
    This one for example :,shop.php?art=934#i/sierpien_2010/big/war_bear_2_02.jpg

    Some would say : "Bears !? WTF !?"
    BUT ! Considering that Arjac comes from the Bear Claw Tribe, the wolves of Fenris are no strangers to bears...
    What would you say ?


    1. Hi,
      You posted the comment on the day I went abroad for my holidays. I jst got back. Well, first of all thanks for posting.

      Secondly I don't have any issue. I am sure they have bears on Fenris - as per your Arjac comment - and I am sure they are monstrously huge!

      The Scribor models are cool and I like them and I think they would look great in any SW force. If you ever paint some up and post them, send me a link so I can take a look.





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