Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dystopian Wars - Plato Cruisers

Hi everyone,

Today I write about my Plato Cruisers and token Drone flyers that I have just finished painting up.  Unlike the small vessels, I wanted my large and medium ships to have a more 'traditional' look or pattern to them, but I wanted them just different enough to be original.

The pattern I came up with is basically a blue and green camouflage pattern over a white base.  Very similar to Spartan's take on them.  I just wanted to elaborate a bit more on the upper superstructure. I painted in the inner structure white and the outer structure metallic bronze.  I think it works.

I have to admit I quite like the scheme, even though it is not completely my own.  My only self-criticism is that I rushed them a bit in order to get them ready for a game I played yesterday.  The hull, as a result, looks a bit tacky and undone, but as they are just gaming pieces I am not too bothered.
I approached the Drone flyers with an even simpler paint scheme. A simple metallic chainmail coat with a black wash followed by the usual emerald green wash which I localized in the centre of the flyers.  I actually took more work on the blue/sea parts than the drones.
On a different note, as I mentioned at the beginning, I managed to play my first real game of Dystopian Wars.  It was a naval battle against the 'Empire of the Rising Sun'.  We played just with the starter sets. I have to admit I enjoyed myself a lot even though I lost dramatically.
Well actually I lost when I got too close and my battleship was boarded and prized!  Giving myself some slack, it was my first game and I did not use my fleet to its full potential.  There are many things I forgot to use and honestly I was over cautious with my ships.  I did not realize how much pounding they could take.
Well - live and learn.  That is all for now.
Farewell and good health,

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