Sunday, July 28, 2013

Flames of War: The Mortars

Hi everyone,

After the depressing, yet educational, session with the StuGs, I have moved on to another area of my army - the mortars.

I have just finished painting up two platoons of mortars.  One is a complete 120mm platoon, and the other is a 80mm platoon - this is not a complete platoon.

Let's start off with the 80mm mortar platoon first.  According to the Grenadier Company in the rulebook, a 80mm mortar team can have up to 6 mortar teams, 3 observer teams, and a NCO team.  In the heavy weapons box set from Plastic Soldier Company, you only get 4 sprues.  So I could only do 4 mortar teams, 2 observer teams, and a NCO team.  See the picture below. 
I was going to add the 80mm mortars from the Wargames Factory box set, but like their soldiers, they were just to small when compared to the PSC ones.  I have taken a picture as a reference for this article.

As you can see, the bigger mortar to the left is the PSC one and the smaller one to the right is the WF mortar.   Since I really wanted a full 80mm mortar platoon, as well as needing two 80mm mortar teams for my HQ and another HMG platoon, I decided to purchase another box set of heavy weapons.

Next up is the 120mm mortar platoon.  This is made up of 4 teams of 120mm mortars with 2 observer teams and a NCO team.  There is the option of adding two RSO fully tracked trucks, which I will add eventually.
Overall I think they look like late war german soldiers.  So in my book, that makes them Germans.  With that, my Flames of War month comes to a happy ending.  This does not mean that I am done with the products just yet. Not by a long shot.  I will still be posting aticles and product reviews regarding Flames of War, but for now that is all.

Until next time, farewell and good health;


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  1. Nice post, though I have a question. Which army lists are the 120mm mortars available in? I can't find them in my Atlantik Wall book.



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