Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Flames of War - The Basic Company

Hi everyone,

I have just finished the basic platoon requirements for my Grenadier Company.  That is an HQ made up of two command teams and a Panzerschrek team.

My approach to painting this army was very simple - IF THEY LOOK LIKE GERMANS, THEN THEY ARE GERMANS.  I was not interested in duplicating exact historical details, nor even uniform colour for that matter.  I just wanted them to look like German Grenadiers from an actual hands-on gaming perspective.  The point to remember, as I have pointed out on other occasions, is that this army is purely for gaming and not for display.  I think I managed this more or less successfully.
Below is a close up of the command team.  I can expand on this to include two 80mm mortar teams - which I definitely will.

Next up are the Grenadier platoons.  These are both made up of Rifle/MG teams, except for the command teams which are both SMG/Panzerfaust teams.  I managed to paint up one a day, while I based them on the second day.  I found that by basing them twice with flock you can cover up the figure's base shape, which otherwise would stand out.  Note that the bases are not painted, just flocked - quick and simple, yet they still look decent.

Here is another pic of my proud Wehrmacht soldiers all together.  A point I would like to make clear is that I will not be doing any SS sons of b*****s.   I will focus solely on Heer company of the Wehrmacht.  At most I will include an elite unit of Fallschirmjäger - but that is all.
I also managed to paint up a platoon of MG42 machine gunners.  In the Open Fire box set briefing I can I have up to one, but I can expand on this to two later on by using the briefing from the hardback rulebook.
Well that is all for now.  Next post will be about the StuGs.  The first picture shows them all built up and ready for painting.

Until then, farewell and good health,



  1. very nice! I was just looking into using these figs to start playing FOW!

    Thanks and keep it coming!

    1. Hi! Thanks for posting and I glad the post was useful. I will be posting up my Tigers soon from the same company if it helps.



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