Monday, June 24, 2013

The Rhinos - Part 3

Hi everyone,

This post was a bit unexpected.  I was not going to paint up the rhinos just yet as I have another project I want to finish up, but I have a game of 40k and I just wanted to field them.  So I decided to compromise and I painted them with a base coat for now until I can get back to them later.

First I used my handy airbrush to undercoat the rhinos with a black ready-for-airbrush primer.  I try to use these types of ready mixed products when I can.  They save up a lot of time and hassle.

Next I sprayed the rhinos with Adeptus Battlegrey. This is the same base I use for my troops, so this time I was forced to dilute the paint.  The pictures' grey don't match.  This is because of my poor camera skills and is not due to different paint.

I felt that the rhinos needed some colour and icons to spice things up, so I opted to add a bit using decals from the Forge World set.  This step unfortunately does not allow me to highlight the tanks with my airbrush, but I did not have enough time to fiddle around with highlighting.  I will have to highlight the tanks the conventional way - with a brush.  For now they are good enough to play with.

Well that is all for tonight.  Hopefully I will complete the paint job sometime soon.  I have a resoulution to live up to after all. But...

Next month will be dedicated to FLAMES OF WAR!  That's right, I have been pondering what to start playing after giving up on Epic and the closing down of the Specialist Games department.  Since I had the rulebook, I decided to take the plunge.  I have not played a historical wargame in a while.  I am very excited!

Farewell and good health,


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