Monday, June 10, 2013

The Rhinos - Part 1

Hi everyone,

I have finally got around to building up my two Rhinos for my Space Wolves.  I have had these two kits for a long time.  One I had bought when the new Rhino model had come out (the light grey one), and the other came with the Space Marine Mega-box I bought from the now defunct Maelstrom Games (the dark grey one).

To give them that extra Space Wolf look I also bought some Forgeworld Space Wolf upgrades and shared them between the two.  The resin parts were slightly warped, but it was nothing a bit of hot water could not fix.

It is only fair to point out at this juncture that the kits are not very good fits.  The older light grey one was worse than the newer one, and I had to do several modifications to get a good fit.  A lot of hassle for nothing.

Like all my army, I wanted to modify and personalize them so I decided to add some extra details.  As you can see from the picture below, These consisted from some Forgeworld etched parts and some brass and plastic rod work.

I added the brass rod handles, because I envision the Space Wolves grabbing on to the sides of the Rhinos in blitzkrieg action type manoeuvres.  The other parts, that is the white plastic parts I added because I thought they made the vehicles look different.

I also stumbled upon some truck sprues and I decided to add the head lights to the Rhinos.  I may have gone a bit overboard with this, but I just think they look cool.  I also gave the darker Rhino curved exhaust pipes taken from the truck sprue as well.

Well that is all for now.  In the next post I will continue adding some more detail with  green stuff before I start painting them up.

Until then,  Farewell and good health,



  1. The hand and foot rails are brilliant! I cannot wait to see what else you do to these.


    1. Thanks Big Jim and thanks for commenting. For everyone out there Big Jim is why I started to blog and the reason I started replaying 40K with Killzone. I also like the direction your new blog is taking.


    2. Thanks for the kind words NR, am glad I could be of inspiration to you!

      I am enjoying the freedom on the new blog greatly!



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