Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The End of the Year is Here! What?

Well at least for me it is!  Hi everyone. 

I work in the hospitality industry and the high season has begun in my corner of the planet.  That means more work, but also more overtime and extra shifts - hence more needed funds.  The high season lasts till the beginning of October. So I will be focusing mostly on work.


This also means I will be slowing down on the hobby-side of things.  It also means new resolutions! Last year my resolution was to ensure that I no longer built and painted models so I could have material to blog about.  Now I simply blog about what I modelled and painted.  In the beginning I use to blog more than once a week and it stopped being fun - not just the blogging, but also the hobby - so things had to change. 

Since then I have posted 2 to 4 times a month on a regular basis and this is the perfect balance for me.  During the high season I will still post the minimum of 2 posts I have set for myself.  

So for my new resolution I will focus on another problem.  I have the bad habit of starting one or more projects before finishing the one I am actually doing.  I end up with 3 to 5 open projects which take months to finish, simply because I get overwhelmed and end up putting stuff aside.  THIS HAS TO STOP.

It is a simple matter of self-discipline.  So from now on I will have only one to two projects at a time.  A more demanding sculpting/modelling project like a diorama and a simpler model painting project.  No more. This way I can alternate depending on how much time I have at my disposal. I will also have to finish up the open projects that are laying in my small studio.

So before I start anything new I will force myself to finish the Minotaur and Lamenter vignette and my second Space Wolf diorama.  As armies go I want to work on and complete my Space Wolf force and my 10mm High Elf Army - of which I have a pic below displayed in Kings of War formations.  This army, when ready, will double in size. In the near future, I will be taking the plunge into Gunpla. So don't be surprised if you see giant robots on this site.

My other resolution is to cut down on certain games and turn a new leaf.  If you have read my last post, I was stabbed in the back with the news of GW closing down their Specialist section.  So after a lot of contemplation, I have decided to sell off my epic army as well as other armies from other systems.

From now on, as gaming goes, I will focus on Dystopian Wars and Kings of War which I use for my 10/15mm armies.  By the end of the actual year, I will also post up a home-grown rule set for 10/15mm fantasy armies I have been working on - but more of that later. 

Naturally I will still put in the occasional 40K game with my beloved Space Wolves, but this will be the only game besides Blood Bowl, that I will play from GW.  Nothing personal, but I cannot afford to build another army from this company.  As I said, time to move on.
Well, that's it for this year!

Farewell and good health,


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