Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dystopian Wars:- Daedalus Part 5

Hi everyone,

The Daedalus project is nearly finished now.  All I have to do is paint up the turrets and magnetise them.   I used my mini-drill to drill holes in all the turrets first and gave them a good wash in warm water to clean up the surface.

I painted them all up by hand and brush, but naturally using the same base colours I used with the body when airbrushing.  I kept the camouflage patterns as simple as posible by applying simple and basic shapes like lines, squares and trianges.

When everything was dry I added the 2mm rare earth magnets.  This can be a bit tricky if you have not done this before.  One has to be careful when placing north and south poles.  Otherwise they pose no problem.  First though I added some putty (greenstuff in this case), and then levelled the earth magnet it it.

Well this basically finishes this project, but I will be posting some pics of the finished models in about two weeks time.  Next week I will be posting the first part of a two part tutorial on request.  Until then, as always;

Farewell and good health,



  1. Looks fantastic. I was so surprised the first time I saw one of those models at just how big, but also how detailed they are.

    For magnetising, I've developed a trick that really helps with getting polarity right, and makes application that little bit easier. thought you might be interested.

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the comment. Yeah the Spartan games large class models are really something. Also the article on your blog about polarity is great - B for body and W for weapon - a simple method that renders accurate polarity fittings. Thanks for the tip. I owe you one.


    2. Really glad you found it useful, and happy to be of help, nothing owed :D



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