Monday, April 8, 2013

Dystopian Wars:- Daedalus Part 4

Hi everyone,

I am back with the Daedalus posts and I have just finished painting up the engines and all the details of the upper and lower areas of the airships.  I have to admit this does get a bit tedious when you are painting all three at the same time, but I got through it all in the end.

I painted the engines with two metallic colours, bronze and steel, but I used enamels because I gave them a wash with Tamiya 'Smoke' just to try it out.  The results were quite nice.  I them highlighted with chainmail using G.W. acrylics when the 'smoke' wash was dry.  It was now that I added in the glowing effect. I did this by first painting in the source of the glow white and then painting it with bright green.  Then by applying several washes of bright green over the areas adjacent to the source.

The top of the model was fairly straight forward.  I painted the supports with bronze and the top building white.  This was done with several thin coats of ivory then offwhite both from the Vallejo range.I took some extra work with the chimneys.  The metallic parts were done up in the same way as the engines, with the exception that the inner glow was reddish and the borders were given several light coats of black to simulate soot.  I painted in the windows with a yellow wash.
This basically finishes the painting of the of the main body.  The next step is to paint and magnetise the turrets.

Until my next post,

Farewell and good health,


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