Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Blood Claws

Hi one and all,

This is one of the first blog entries I ever did way back when I still used my blog on the Bolter & Chainsword forum. I am presenting it here as it was written back then, instead of rewriting it.  This is not out of laziness, but it shows a progression in the design of my army I would like to preserve.  I hope you find it interesting.

I have finished taking pics of the BC pack I've just painted last week. Unfortunately, I built them up with the weapon format of the 3rd edition codex. I honestly didn't think the weapons' selection would change, but there you go!

So I'm going to have to edit this unit again. I might even take off their backpacks and add jump-packs; turning them into Sky Claws for the simple fact that I like the idea of one of this unit affected with the 'mark of Wulfen'.

With respect to the painting scheme, I decided to paint my Wolves on a more 30k scheme rather than the standard blue grey. I'm a great fan of the Horus Heresy and the titanic battles of the original 20 legions. But I'll be keeping them Night Runners (its a traditional thing for me).

As the painting goes, first I used Adeptus Battlegrey as an undercoat. Then Adeptus Battlegrey + Space Wolves Grey (50% mix) for the base-coat. I then highlighted by adding more Space Wolves Grey to the mix. I wanted to reduce the amount of yellow on my troops drastically. Only the BC and WG will be getting yellow on their pack markings. The pack markings are the only scheme I kept from 2nd edition.

I assembled the BC with as little paraphernalia as possible, because in my personal fluff-twist I see them as having to earn their pelts yet. They haven't been fighting long enough to have trophies dangling around. I also gave them a marking on their right shoulder pad. This is the 'Rune of Acceptance' into the company and it is something the Claws work hard to get rid of and earn their place with the Hunters.

My 2nd edition army was painted to very high standards and it took me ages to get it finished (nearly 3 years). My 3rd edition army was just block colours since I bought it just for gaming. With my new army I've decided to strike a balance. I want to paint them as quickly as possible in order to get into the fray and smash, crush and obliterate any Thousand Sons furious.gif troops out there; but I also want to spend enough time to be proud of the time I invested in them and sit back and admire them from time to time. They'll also look better on the gaming table.

I apologize for the bad lighting in the pics. I enjoy landscape photography and I'm not equipped for close up shots but they are decent enough for viewing. There are more in my gallery. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed painting them.


Until next time,

For Russ, the Wolftime and Fenrisian Ale!


  1. Interesting site. Thanks for sharing it.


    1. Uhh...yeah, that was a SPAM comment you replied to.

      I rather like the woad on your Blood Claws, nice touch there.



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