Sunday, January 27, 2013

Anvil Industry Torsos & Bionics

Hi everyone,

I have just recieved some torsos and bionic legs from Anvil Industry and I was quitee impressed with the quality that I though I would write up a short review of what I bought.

First off are the torsos.  I bought several of just two types that I thought would fit in with my Space Wolf army and be useful with any other Space Marine projects of mine.  Below are the pics.

The pics show how they arrived.  For resin they are very clean casts and need very little work before painting.  There are others you can see here, and I might buy the Renaissance Torso as well. 

I also blue-taced some Space Marine parts together to let you see how they fit when assembled.  Overall I think they work very well.

One of the few problems is that the 'Errant pattern' type armour on the right, only fits well with bare heads and helmets with knight-like visors (but I think this is also the case with GW tpyes with gorgets).  Another problem is that you might have to trim the top of the legs for a better fit, but nothing unmanageable.  Otherwise it is plain sailing.

I also bought several 'medium' bionic legs from the same company.  'Medium' sized products are for Space Marine sized models.  They come as a multi-part kit that is very similiar in design construction to Forgeworld's Contemptor Dreadnought.  You can consturct a pair of legs with them.

The great thing about this design is that you can build up a model with two bionic legs, or one bionic leg, or with a bit of modelling you can build half a bionic leg - either the above the knee or blow the knee.  They would make for excellent Iron Hands conversions.

The company have other bionics as well.  The parts designated as 'large' are for Terminators and the 'small' are for normal sized  humaniods.  Overall I suggest you check Anvil Industry out if you are interested in finding parts allowing for some interesting variantion for your 40k Imperial armies.

Farewell and good health



  1. A handy little review indeed, thanks for that! Why not come and join our blog roll at:
    We would love to have you there!

    1. Thanks marcel. I will join. I have check out the site and I think it's great.

  2. these are great looking blanks to do some custom chest pieces with. I'm a fan.

  3. nice heads up, that sstuff will be awesome for my RG. The casts look really good!

    1. They are some of the cleanest casts I have seen. At least the ones I have recieved. Yes, I think they would suit the RG well. With some forgeworld etched brass on the front!



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