Monday, January 21, 2013

A Look At New Chaos Warrior Models

Hi everyone,

I have just taken some quick photos of the new Chaos Warrior models from the February issue of White Dwarf, and I have decided to comment on a few of the them.

First up are my favourite.  They are the Dragon Ogres.  These are one of my preferred GW monsters of all time.  I still have the first metallic one that came out in the 80's. These babies are beauties, and I will certainly be picking up a box of them.
The next are the big guys.  I apologize but I have left my copy White Dwarf at home and I have forgotten their names.  Overall they are not bad, but they are not something I would purchase.  These models come in the same box and you have enough parts to make either or.

Up next are the new Chaos Chariots.  Overall, I am not very impressed with these two.  I think the steads are the only redeeming factor.  Once again, not something I would buy, unless I needed the mounts for some other project.

The next are by far the worst of the new releases.  These are the character models.  I would only take them if they where offered for free.  And if that ever happens I certainly would cut them up for spare parts.  That's my humble opinion.  I swear if they continue to make models like these, they will have to throw their 'premium model' motto out with the garbage and find some other excuse to raise prices.  Having said that, the Troll is not so bad, but not so good either.

The last are a new re-modeled unit of Chosen (at least that is what I think they are called).  I no longer play Warhammer Fantasy (I gave up on it a long time ago), so I would not buy this unit to play with, but they are not bad, and I see myself or others buying them for parts to model Chaos Space Marines.  The modelling options are endless.
The February White Dwarf also has pics of the new Forgeworld adaptations of Abbadon and Loken.  Unfortunately due to corruption they did not come through, but I will try uploading them later on.  These two models are superb.  As a Horus Heresy fan I am really excited.  These models, as well as the Dragon Ogres above, are the redeeming factor for next month's releases in my opinion.  These 30K models are what makes the 'premium' in GW products.

Well that is all. Until next time.

Farewell and good health



  1. I quite like the chariots but they don't fit in my army at the moment. Unless in the nex army book they become core i'll be leaving them alone.

    The chosen are actually Foresaken and unless these guys get a bumph in the army book they too will be left alone. There are simply better and cheaper (points wise) special options.

    I love the Dragon Ogres and will be getting some of these as soon as possible.

    I thought Throgg was kinda cool to be honest but he other characters are a bit meh. I most can make better conversions.

  2. A mixed bag for sure, but some cool stuff in there. Thanks for posting these.

    I know someone who's had the idea to use the Heltentaclebeastthingy (3rd photo ... !) as a Maulerfiend for CSM, which I think could work out quite nicely.

    And I'm so jealous that you have photos of the Abaddon and Loken duel ... man, I can't wait for that to come out!

  3. I love the big models, but im with you on the character models. I think GW are putting to much bling on them - look way to much. That goes for a lot of the new DA stuff as well for me.

  4. Thanks for all the comments guys. It seems we are more or less in agreement.

    @Pingo - I have posted the Loken & Abbadon pics. Enjoy.

    @Mart - I totally agree. They have done the same mistake with the DA. It is a gothic setting, but I think they should put in some leeway for functionality and proportion.

    @Arqaurian Yriel - Thanks for the correction. I agree with you on the chariots. As for gaming, I will take your word for it, since I have not played Warhammer Fantasy in years.



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