Sunday, December 30, 2012

Minotaurs Vs Lamenters (Part 4)

Hi everyone,

Before I start blabbing away, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and may all your modelling  & gaming projects, as well as your resolutions for the year come true!

As I mentioned in my last post, the various facets of my life have been warring for attention and my job won hands down.  Nevertheless I have managed to fit in time and to do something.  In fact I have finished up the Minotaur champion from the vignette I am building (as you can tell from the title of the post).

I have never, in over 20 years in the hobby, painted a metallic Space Marine.  The metallics I deal with are usually small parts or medieval miniatures.  To make matters more complicated I have never painted bronze, brass or copper in such large areas.

I wanted to try and paint the bronze in non-metallics so I tried first on a test mini.  Non-metallic colours have starker contrasts between light and shade than metallics.  I thought this would help make the Minotaur champion stand out more.  The results were horrible - disastrous even.  I simply do not have the knowledge or skill to pull it off at the level of presentation required for a display piece.

So I went back to the metallic paint option.  I wanted a colour similar to the Minotaurs on Forge World's  Badab War books.  Unfortunately the bronze paints I found have a more yellowish tint to them, while Forge World Minotaurs - at least on the book - have a more reddish tone.  I worked this out by painting the marine in copper and giving it several successive brown washes, besides the shading and highlights.  I think I have managed a close metallic approximation.

Since the marine is a champion I thought it would be cool to give him his personal heraldry.  This also helped by adding some colour to a more or less static figure.  I added just a tiny hint of verdigris around the bottom leg joints, but it is not very visible in the pic.  I don't think the company's serfs would allow a champion's armour to deteriorate to such a level.

Well that is all for tonight and this year.  Once again I wish you all a splendid new year and may it last a whole 12 months!

Farewell and good health



  1. I really like this guy. It's great to see a restrained colour palette done right. Lovely work!

  2. Thanks Pingo,

    To be honest I found metallics very dificult to handle effectivily, but I am satisfied with it overall.

  3. Wow, that has come out really nice. I am fairly new to all this painting malarky, however I must try that bronze technique on by high elf spearmen. Have u tried it on anything else? Like silver or gold? Great work again, I'm off to have a look at your other figures.:D

    1. Actually no. It is the first time and I found it very difficult. I had to try several paints on two test minis before I was happy with a result.



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