Sunday, December 30, 2012

Minotaurs Vs Lamenters (Part 4)

Hi everyone,

Before I start blabbing away, I want to wish everyone a happy new year and may all your modelling  & gaming projects, as well as your resolutions for the year come true!

As I mentioned in my last post, the various facets of my life have been warring for attention and my job won hands down.  Nevertheless I have managed to fit in time and to do something.  In fact I have finished up the Minotaur champion from the vignette I am building (as you can tell from the title of the post).

I have never, in over 20 years in the hobby, painted a metallic Space Marine.  The metallics I deal with are usually small parts or medieval miniatures.  To make matters more complicated I have never painted bronze, brass or copper in such large areas.

I wanted to try and paint the bronze in non-metallics so I tried first on a test mini.  Non-metallic colours have starker contrasts between light and shade than metallics.  I thought this would help make the Minotaur champion stand out more.  The results were horrible - disastrous even.  I simply do not have the knowledge or skill to pull it off at the level of presentation required for a display piece.

So I went back to the metallic paint option.  I wanted a colour similar to the Minotaurs on Forge World's  Badab War books.  Unfortunately the bronze paints I found have a more yellowish tint to them, while Forge World Minotaurs - at least on the book - have a more reddish tone.  I worked this out by painting the marine in copper and giving it several successive brown washes, besides the shading and highlights.  I think I have managed a close metallic approximation.

Since the marine is a champion I thought it would be cool to give him his personal heraldry.  This also helped by adding some colour to a more or less static figure.  I added just a tiny hint of verdigris around the bottom leg joints, but it is not very visible in the pic.  I don't think the company's serfs would allow a champion's armour to deteriorate to such a level.

Well that is all for tonight and this year.  Once again I wish you all a splendid new year and may it last a whole 12 months!

Farewell and good health


Sunday, December 23, 2012

A new 15mm Dwarf Unit

Hi everyone,

First off I would like to wish everyone the best for this year's festivities.  I hope all your blogging ambitions and targets are reached!  I also hope this Xmas won't be too harsh on your pockets!

As for material to blog about, this month has drained me to the point of exhaustion.  Parties, work, commitments, study and my beloved hobby have all struggled for time and attention.  My work won.  The hospitality industry can be very demanding during December.

I still had time to work on my Minotaur Vs Lamenter vignette, a bust sculpture and managed to finish my third unit for my 15mm dwarf army.

This time it is an elite unit composed from the Ral Partha range.  I painted these up in about three afternoons, quick, neat and to the purpose and function.  I don't wargame that much anymore, but when I do it is usually fantasy at the 15mm scale.

Well, here is the pic of the unit.

I gave their heraldry bright colours as is fitting a proud unit eager to announce its presence on the battlefield.  I also used decals to add some extra detail.  In this case I used Space Wolf decals. 

My next dwarf unit will be a frothing mad unit of slayers, also from the Ral Partha range.

Well that is all for now.  I hope to get in another post before the year's end.  Until then, as always -

Farewell and good health



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