Saturday, October 6, 2012

Minotaurs Vs Lamenters (Part 3)

Hi every one,

I have just finished putting together the models for the vignette.  As you can see they fill up the sence and set the atmosphere.

First I will discuss the simpler of the two models - that is the Minotaur Captain.  This model was basically put together 'as is' with Citadel and Forgeworld parts.  The only alteration are in the arms.  I wanted to give the Minotaur a more relaxed pose without him looking lax.  That is, I wanted him to seem ready to strike at any moment.  Therefore I had to cut out the top part of the arms and rebuild them.  This is all hidden by the pouldrons.

The real work went into the Lamenter.  This model under went extensive modification when compared to the Minotaur.  This modification is not as easy as one might think.  Besides being unproportionate, Space Marines are rather rigid figures, and do to not have that organic malleability as figures dressed in clothes do.  So trying to put it in a natural pose, whatever it is, is harder than usual.

The first thing one notices is the stting pose.  To achieve this I basically had to chop off the Space Marine's legs and re-set them, rebuilding the joints with epoxy putty.  The same goes with the arms and drooping head.  Although my final attempt is passable I made many mistakes, some of which were nearly impossible to hide.  In hindsight I would do things a bit differently.

I also decided to add a banner to the Lamenter model.  I wanted something bright on the other side of the minotaur to counter-act the brightness of the Lamernter yellow.  This gives the effect of framing the Minotaur.  To be completely honest, I thought the idea of the Lamenter, dodgedly holding on to his Company's banner, even in death, gave added depth to the vignette.  Something it sorely needed since the models are basically in a pose without any 'captured action' that tells a story.

The last picture below is the whole piece put together and all ready to paint after a few more minor modifications here and there.

Well the next time you see this vignette it will be a posting on the painting progress.  In the meantime I am adding the final touches to my first diorama - The Wolfguard - which I will be posting here shortly.

So until next time.

Farewell and good health,


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