Saturday, July 28, 2012

More 15mm Dwarves - Hurray!

Hi everyone,

Here is another dwarven unit that I finished last month but was too lazy to take a photo of and upload to the blog - as usually it seems these days.  I have other finished units, but to be honest its so hot and humid that I just go to work, come home and sleep every chance I get.  Yep, you can tell I'm mediterranean.  I am a natural born lethargic!  Anyway ... here is the unit:-

As you can see this is a standard unit of dwarven regulars or clansmen, painted with common shield colours to give them a sense of coherence.  I also took the advice of Sigismund, my fellow gamer and Space Wolf admirer, and added some red beards to the hair colour mix.

That all for today.  Short and sweet. 

Farewell and good health,


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