Thursday, March 29, 2012

The 2nd Grey Hunter Pack - Part 1

Hi everyone,

I have just finished putting together the first five minis of my new Grey Hunter pack, the second of three I intend to build up before I stop once and for all with GW army building.  The reason simply is that GW have pushed me out of 40K gaming & army building with the last price hike the year before.  I have enough models to finish my Space Wolf army, then I will only concentrate on dioramas with respect to GW products.

On the bright side this has given me the inclination to look up other game systems.  In fact I have landed my sights on Dystopian Wars.  I intended to build a flying force from the Covenant of Antartica faction.  More on this at a later date.

In the meantime here are the first five Grey Hunters from the second unit.

As you can see one is already painted.  This was a test paint-up to see if the colours match up with existing models in my force.  Since it's been a while since I have painted any Space Wolves (in fact it has been a while since I have done anything hobby related), and I wanted to get it right.

I also wanted to differentiated the 2nd pack from the first, so I added differnt trophies to them.  As you can see I gave the Plasma gunner a combat knife on the shoulder pad, ans I added a wolf skull and a different type of fur cloak.

I also thought of adding a horn blower to the pack, besides a banner (it will be with the next post).  I think it gives the pack a nice touch.  Well that's all for know.  Later on next week I will post the other five and get on painting my Long Fangs that have been sitting in my 'To Do' box for the past six months.

Farewell and good health,



  1. The horn idea is really cool.

    Great sculpting work throughout.

  2. Thanks Rogue Pom. Glad you liked them.

  3. As always, your hobby work is a treat to look at. There is always something creative that I have not seen before; either from you or any other hobbyist.

    I quite like the band of runes going over the shoulder of the marine in the middle.

    As for the horn: that I have seen before, but not with such a well done pose. It's clear you took the time to make it look right.

    p.s. It's nice to see a new post from you! I have checked on your blog from time to time, to see if any more Space Wolves had been added. Such is life; hobby comes second.

  4. Hi Sigismund,

    It is a great pleasure to hear from you again. Thank you for the nice words, as always.

    I am sorry as well to have gone for so long but after having lost my job and my apartment, I had to start all over again. It took 8 months to get back on my feet again. As you said such is life.



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