Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Ork Nob and other Domestic Adventures!

Hi everyone,

I know I haven't been a good blogger lately, but this situation unfortunately will persist up to about the end of November.  I have currently taken out a home loan and bought myself an apartment, simply because renting is not a viable long term option anymore in this country.

To save a couple of thousand euros, I bought the flat in shell form and I am currently working on it on my spare time.  I have to bring it to a livable standard by the end of October, because by then I have to move out of my current apartment.

Due to this current state of affairs, my time has been eaten out by plumbing, wiring, plastering and tile layering.  In the meantime, I have packed up nearly everything except the essentials, and stored it in my mom's garage until the move is complete.

In the meantime I have found some old pictures of one my first attempts at sculpting - one of the more presentable attempts at least.  I plan to paint it up next year.

The fur cloak and shoulder pads were worked out separately, to simplify painting.  The ammo-belt and  a lot of the plates are removable as well.

The weapons were the most fun to make, as well as being the part which offered the highest learning curve.  I have never done anything with card before and in the process discovered the wonderful material called dope.  And yes, that is a button from  a calculator on the gun!

I will probably re-visit the hand on this power-axe since it came out somewhat smallish compared to the other.

As you can see from the pics, I have used a variety of materials to make this model.  The reason was purely experimentation and to get to know the materials at my disposal better - their properties, workability and cost effectiveness.  If I had to re-do the model I would probably use completely different materials, as well as less types.

Well that concludes my once monthly post.  See you again next month for another post or two - if I can get it in.

Farewell and good health,



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