Monday, February 7, 2011

Talent Not Required - Changing Faces

Hi everyone,

I have been asked how I alter the faces of my Space Wolves. Since this is very easily explained I thought I do a short entry here explaining it on my blog. Unlike other Space Marine Chapters, the Space Wolves have quite a lot of bare headed marines. This is one of the characteristics that make this army so attractive to collect. Despite this, there are still not enough different heads for every single marine. And if you are like me, you don't want two heads to be the same (or just painted with different colours).
The answer is to add mustaches, beards and different hair-styles to the models, besides painting the hair differently. The photo below shows 4 SW with the same head. The head is one from the old SW sprue. Back then we only had 5 different head types, but with the new SW sprues we can count ourselves very lucky. As you can see with a tiny bit of putty work and some painting you can vary heads to no end.

Adding mustaches and beards is very simple. Just mix up some green stuff (kneadite or duro) in a ratio of 3 yellow parts to one blue part. After mixing it well (you should have a uniform colour) roll out a thin piece. Cut a short piece of the roll with a sharp blade and with the help of a needle like tool, pick the putty roll up and attach it under the SW's nose and move into place. The process is the same as attaching teeth to a Wolf Tooth necklace discussed in the previous post. Now leave the putty to cure in situ for 15 to 20 minutes. Then with a blunt rounded hobby blade dipped in talcum powder slowly and delicately press in the groves.

The beard and hair follow the same process, just shape the form of the hair first by adding small blobs of putty. Once again let the putty cure in situ for 15 to 20 minutes and use a blunt rounded hobby blade dipped in talcum powder to slowly and delicately press in the groves. Try to keep the grooves as long and as adjacent as possible. Don't try to make one long straight groove by a slicing motion - like you're swinging a sword - or you will just manage to dislodge and squash the putty. The motion is more akin to slicing bread but with the tip of the blade, after dipping the blade in talcum powder. Keep the groove pattern natural - straight, wavy - whatever. If in difficulty, a magazine with people in it will serve you as a reference.

That is basically it. Short, sweet and to the point. The next entry will be another 'Talent Not Required' article detailing how I paint my Grey Hunters. This was a request that I am currently working on. I apologize if it is taking a while, but with a full and part time job, a course by correspondence, painting up the Swiftclaw bikers and finalizing two other projects (a prototype TWC model and a small SW diorama) it is hard to find the time to write it up. But it is nearly ready, pics and all.

So, until Logan Grimnar starts wearing tight pink latex; Keep playing Space Wolves!

Farewell and good health,



  1. Very nice tutorial. I definitely will use it to my make my wolves different



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