Friday, January 7, 2011

The Wolfguard Diorama

Hi one and all,

I have decided to start chronicling (in brevity) my 40K dioramas on this blog from now on. This particular diorama was started last year. After I decided what I wanted to portray as a story in the diorama, I started about the arduous job of sketching out the scene, finding and ordering the minis and parts I needed and slowly but surely put the thing together.

Well, to cut a long story short, I just finished modelling the orks and began the Space Wolf Wolfguard when I heard the earth-shattering news that Games Workshop was revamping the Space Wolf range. I decided to stop the diorama and wait until the new kits came out....and I am very happy I did so!

Now that my new army is going on quite well and steadily (something I never had the discipline to do before), I decided to work on a side project just to vary a bit. It can get very weary just painting grey all the time. In fact, initially I was going to build some other chapter just to get the chance to paint in other colours, but then I remembered this long forgotten little diorama and thought it was a shame to leave it half done. Anyways, my first diorama on this blog should justly be that of the greatest Chapter to have ever soared the stars!

The centerpiece of the scene is the Wolfguard Battle Leader strangling an Ork with his bare 'power gloved' hands. The first picture below was how it was going to look before I decided to halt the project. Naturally it was not yet ready at the time.

This is how it turned out with the help of the new GW SW plastics. It is nearly ready. All it needs is a bit of smoothing up and a grey enamel undercoat. The enamel undercoat is applied to bring out the imperfections and naturally allow me to fix them.

he Orks were really fun to do. In fact my second diorama will be about the Crimson Fists and the Rynn's World incident, and I think I might add an Ork or two, even if just laying dead.

The ork being strangled was the most difficult to plan. In Maltese we say 'Qis mitt darba u qaghta' darba', which means literally 'measure a hundred times and cut once'. If only it was that easy! The fitting changed constantly, especially since I measured everything before I modified the Space Marines' legs. Well in the end it turned out well, and I certainly learned a lot, especially about Space marine legs and how awkward it is to rescale them.

The other Orks were not hard at all, and I enjoyed every moment of it. These brutes are full of character in themselves, so it takes little effort to re-model them and retain that savagry that so distinguishes them. In fact, besides the re-positioning I only modified some of the clothing to make it more dynamic and realistic.

Well, that's it for now. I will add more, shorter posts of this diorama as I gradually work on it. That way anyone interested can see it evolve. I wanted to post some of the rough sketches and the initial positioning with blue tac, before I actually begin to cut things up. Just to give a full picture, but when I started this I didn't even have an account on Blogger, and I didn't chronicle my work. But when I start my second diorama I will endeavor to take pics and post from the beginning.

So, until Russ prefers Pinacaladas to good old Fenrisian ale, keep playing Space Marines!

Farewell and good health,



  1. Thank you.

    I'm really very appreciative. I'm working on a couple of super-elite armies and I've spent so much time modelling and converting that I've packed up mid-flow and moved on to do some painting.

    Seeing your work and the ideas you're realising as part of your army and the diorama has helped me to re-gain my enthusiasm for modelling. t's back to the scalpel and green stuff for me.

    Thanks for giving me the push I needed. Now, be careful not to post too often or I'll never get anything done with my own miniatures.

    I'll be too busy reading about what you're up to!

    Brilliant stuff.

  2. - jaw drops...

    wow, those Orks!! Exellent conversions. The GS work on the Battle leader is really very impressive. Very accomplished sculpting.

  3. Those are some beautiful looking models. The conversion and putty work is amazing. I am looking forward to seeing the final piece in all of its glory!

  4. I'm very grateful you decided to work more on this diorama and to show off the process as well. It looks brilliant so far, you've got an amazing talent for this. With your next diorama I look forward to seeing how you take a project like this from initial concept to completion. That will great!

  5. I remember finding your stuff back on bolter and chainsword some months back. Glad to see you're picking it back up, these are some of my favorite Space Wolves on the net

  6. First off thanks to everyone for commenting. It's great to hear your opinions. I'm sorry I took so long to answer. A very long night shift and longer sleep period kept me away.

    @GDMNW - I don't know what to say! I have always been so busy being inspired by others that I never thought anyone would be inspired by my work. So I will just say thank you and I will promise you I will not post too often. I wont have anything more to post! I'm really a slow worker :).

    @Mart - Thanks man. Coming from some who does such great stuff with orks; that is really a compliment.

    @Meatball - I'm working on it as I type. With any luck you wont be too disappointed with it :).

    @Papa JJ - Thanks, it's great to hear from you and thanks for making me a friend on My Battalion.

    @Alex - That's right! Glad you remember! I'm in the process of amalgamating 3 blogs together. Too much work to keep posting on all of them. So that's how this project was born. I think it is a better approach for my hobby. Thanks again for commenting.

  7. Wow. Just wow. Your green stuff work is excellent, your painting is really good. Can I be you for a while, you know, just until I have got my army done, please?

  8. Nightrunner, your stuff is just out of this world. Damn, your green stuff just put anything I do to shame.
    I will be excited to follow your progress. Check out this link of a diorama I just finished. Let me know what you think

    Dioramas are very satisfying to do, isn't it?
    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  9. I like the fact your humble to! (you dont need to be... btw!.. but its nice...

  10. @ SC Mike - Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it greatly. I have to agree that building up a diorama is very rewarding. It's not just about painting up minis, but more about telling a story with just one scene. It's not the easiest thing to do in our hobby, but certainly one of the most enjoyable challenges there is. I promise to take a look at your diorama, but after I wake up from at least 8 hrs of deep sleep. Just came home from the night shift and I'm drained. If I did it now I would not tell the difference between a halfling and Space Marine.:)

    @Mart - Once again Mart thanks for the complement, and an even greater thank you for the info on the airbrush. Spent the good part of an hour going through that site, and hopefully I will do my order at the end of the month when my paycheck comes in.



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