Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mark of the Wolfen

Hi everyone,

For sometime now I have been thinking how to render the Space Wolves afflicted with the 'Mark of the Wulfen' (motw from now on) for my Grey Hunter packs. Ideas varied on this subject from just painting tattoos on the face to using the Wulfen models of the 13th Company.

Reading the fluff, the motw is a corruption of the Canis Helix and as such is the beginning or the process from which a Space Wolf is lost to the curse and becomes Wulfen. Technically, the Space Wolf afflicted turns into a berserker consumed with rage for spells of increasing duration until fully changed. So in my opinion it ruled out Wulfen models (not that I would disagree using them) but required something more than a tattoo.

Therefore I decided to walk the middle road and come up with something slightly more original. Looking at the Wulfen models I noticed that none of them have any armour on their arms, probably to show the line of fur sprouting along their arms. I thought this would be a good start; having the Space Marines recklessly shedding their armour. The description of motw depicts the Space Wolf as 'devolving', hence giving a wild and savage look to them. It also says that they fight with 'claws and teeth'; this would be a bit of a problem since it requires a lot of work I wasn't prepared to put in for gaming pieces, so I decided to use axes instead.

So my target was set; I would build 3 wild-looking Space Wolves (one for each Grey Hunter unit) with axes and bare arms. You can see the result for yourselves in the pics below. This one is by far my favourite and I think he captures the fury a berserker must feel while in the troves of the curse.

This one I am fond of. He has a predatory pose that came about quite by accident.

This one I don't like so much, and if I had more time I would probably redo. His pose is a bit off, and on hindsight I would have constructed him differently. Well all is not lost, at least I learned a few lessons in planning properly.

I decided to use the bodies of Khorne Berserkers, since they have older mark armour and are easier to pose, and the heads of marauder horsemen. They look more fearsome in my opinion than the Space Wolf heads. To make them look more wolfy I added pelts and wolf-teeth necklaces and scrapped away all the chaos markings. Although not visible in the pics, they also have bolters strapped to their lower back sides. I did this for the sake of wysiwyg.

I think the results do look like 'wild' Space Marines afflicted with battle frenzy, and I think that they will stand out from the rest of the pack, but like everything else in our hobby this is subjective and a matter of taste and opinion. I will post these figures again when painted. Well that's all for this week. I have started painting my Wolfgaurd diorama and probably will post some pics within a few days.

On a side note please feel free to comment, criticize, mock or point out anything you think I missed or overlooked or can do to improve. I welcome them all.

Farewell and good health,



  1. I also especially like the first one. He looks about ready to wreck a squad of whatever all by himself. I think you nailed it. Great looking motw models!

    If you ever find that you have the time, I would love to see a tutorial on how you sculpt those wolf tooth necklaces.

  2. The first one is very nice but I quite like the "here I come" pose the second one has.

  3. Hi guys, I agree the first is the best but the second one is not bad. I will be doing a fourth for my Wolf Scouts and maybe another for the Wolf Guard, but I have to see if it is worth it in game terms first.

    I have a tutorial on that ready and I was planning on posting it in about two weeks time after the first pack of Grey Hunters is finished. I hope you find it useful.

  4. The first pose is a classic-I can almost hear him bellowing to psyche himself up!

    The green stuff is brilliant and I can't wait see all the models painted up :)

  5. excellent green stuff work. Poses are great as well. Russ would be proud!

  6. Your stuff is very impressive to say the least. Green stuffing those teeth necklaces is amazingly done.
    I guess i will have to follow your progress and get inspired.

  7. Hi and thanks for commenting. And thank you all for the kind words. I will as I said above be posting a tutorial entitled 'Talent Not Required'. You will see SC Mike that it doesn't take much to do them.

  8. Hmm, how have I missed this blog before?

    I too like the teeth you have been busy making out of greenstuff, I think I will be back for more later!

    Lovely Space Wolves...

  9. Some lovely poses there! I also like the stalking-forward guy - I barely noticed they were bare-armed! I have plans for bare-armed Beserkers, so these are perfect inspiration!



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