Friday, January 21, 2011

Feel The Love Power

Hi one and all ,

Today's entry will continue the levity I began in the April Fool's thread I opened last year by going into how I came up with the idea and how I made it. For those that haven't seen it I decided to play a little joke down at the Fang (Bolter & Chainsword) just to raise spirits a little, especially with the advent of the the new Blood Angels Codex. I wont go into detail about what I wrote in that thread but the link is below. Give it a look-see,some of the posts are hilarious. Just note that I have removed the pics from the B&C site, so you wont see them in the thread.  The link is:


Well the idea came to me about a year ago. I knew the 1st of April was approaching, and every day on the B&C, members were grumbling about the new Blood Angels Codex for some reason or another - including myself. Seeing how useless it is to complain where GW is concerned I decided to make myself remember that this is just a game and that it should be fun, so I decided to farce it out on my own reverential notions towards what I hold dear in the hobby - Space Wolves. If I can playfully make fun of them and not take that seriously then all the rest would be a breeze.

The idea for the model came to me while I was having a drink at a bar after a gaming night with some of my fellow gamers. I happen to notice an add for Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey with that I8th century gentlemen in the top-hat and walking stick...and it just came to me, there and then, between one drink and another.

The next day I looked through some of my plastics to see what I could use for this conversion. The head is the 'Something about Mary' Space Wolf head, the legs are from a normal Tactical marine and the rest are parts of the old Space Marine plastics (the mid nineties plastics).

As you can see all the converted pieces are made up of Greens Stuff, with the lighter green parts being a mix of Green Stuff and Milliput. This mixing gives the Green Stuff more workable properties. Especially when it comes to smoothing after it has cured.

The top hat was the most fun part to do. First you have to make the rim. This is simple piece of card cut to shape to resemble the letter 'O'. Give it a coat of super glue or cellulose to make sure it doesn't warp when you use water while working with Green Stuff. The yellow ribbon on the top hat is just a piece of plumbing tape. The gluey side was treated with alcohol to remove the stickiness and cut as a thin ribbon and glued on. The rest is just Green Stuff sculpted to shape.

The walking cane is just a Space Marine backpack banner cut off and tapered down. I cut off the fingers of the old power arm and re-built then with Green Stuff after attaching the cane. The heart and flower symbols on the leg are Green Stuff with milliput shaped and sanded down. The petals of the flower where added after the sanding.

The flowers took the most work. First, I drilled a hole through the hand and inserted a bunch of fine electrical wires (which you still can see at the bottom painted as the stems). The wires were then wrapped in Green Stufff and modeled to look like wrapping paper. The flowers were made in layers and left to cure before the top layers were added. To make the flowers, first push a rounded piece of Green Stuff into position (I do this for the whole layer in one go). Let it set for 10 to 15 minutes and with a hobby knife or scalpel, push the point in and push out gently, making sure the blade is damp or covered in a thin coat of talcum powder or Vaseline. Do this for the whole outer circle first, and progressing inwards with the inner concentric circles. It is simpler than it sounds.

Te tuxedo is just a piece of rolled out putty cut to fit, but first you have to sculpt in the shirt and sash. The tie and buttons are the last thing to do and as you can see are just simple shapes that give the idea of a tie rather than sculpting every single fold.

The whole model took me three days to model, in between work and study.

There is nothing special to the painting either. The blue is the common Space Wolf blue, which at the Fang we call baby-blue. Two or three thin layers were applied over a white undercoat and highlighted progressively by adding Skull white with nearly white lining along the edges. Very simple and basic. Then I got some Fenris Grey, and thinned it down to wash consistency and carefully lined in the grooves and in between connecting armour parts.

The pink is actually Humbrol acrylics magenta (5058). I used this simply because it was the only pinkish colour I had available at the time. As with the baby-blue, I just added white progressively for the highlights. The flaps of the tuxedo have a base colour mix of 50% white + 50% magenta, and highlighted progressively with white as well.

All the red began with Mechrite foundation red and highlighted with Blood red and white. The flowers received a red ink wash (the old GW inks) at the end of the highlighting process to remove the chalkiness of the white.

The decals are actually the original Space Wolves' ones. As I've said before, I am proud to say that I am a first generation Space Wolf player. I had an army of Space Wolves during the Rogue Trader days (before 2nd), simply because I always like the name Space Wolves, as well as their artificially grafted fangs (back in the day). I thought this decal would look fitting for this model, especially wrapped up in the heart.

Well that's all for today. I hope you all liked it and enjoyed the prank. If you have any questions please leave them in the comment section and I will answer them as soon as I can. I have to get back to my army projects and diorama, especially the army painting which I took a slight rest from because it was getting monotonous.

Farewell and good health,



  1. Hilarious! That must have been a really enjoyable prank to pull, that's so funny. I certainly never thought I'd see a Space Marine wearing a tuxedo over this power armour. The flowers are simply amazing... wow! And the Space Wolf symbol inside the heart is such a nice touch too, I think that might be my favorite part of this miniature. Thanks so much for showing off such a fun piece, great work!

  2. Wow, the concept is ace, but I am more impressed with the crisp GS work!! Good stuff!

  3. That is amazing... and as a fellow appreciator of top hats I am most impressed.

  4. Thanks guys. I have another surprise for next April, but it is still top secret.



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