Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Wolf Priest - Part 2

Hi my fellow forum members,

Well I have basically finished the body of the WP. I'm not very confident with modeling on this scale, and since Space Marines do not adhere very much to the principles of human proportion it was a challenge for me to build him up. I am happy with the results and I think it is more than suitable for tabletop gaming, but the little craftsman in my head is not jumping for exhilarating joy, so to speak. With that said, it is time to start.

The first pic shows my attempt to produce a scroll/parchment like tabbard that I've seen on the newer Chaplains. I wanted it to look more like hide, in fact I put some fur on the back of it. I built it in stages heating it gently in between putty applications in order to reduce curing to about 15 minutes. In fact once I overheated it a bit and it turned a bit brown as you can see from the latter pics.

Leather tabbard

The frontal view below shows clearly what the end product is going to look like. I wanted to put studs in the rims of the leg armour but I had no more fine bits for my pin-vice. With my luck running at an all time low lately, neither did my hobby shop. So I decided to forgo them rather than ruining it by trying to do it in some other way.

Wolf Pries front

Due to the apothecary stuff along the abdomen and right arm, and the icon on his chest, the only place to put his obligatory Wolf Amulet was on his right side. Thankfully I did not have to model this piece since it comes with the excellent Wolf Guard TDA box set.

Wolf Priest Crozius Side

The left shoulder pad with the wings still needs a bit of work but it is nearly ready, I just have to hide some mistakes due to my inexperience at this scale. I removed the original hand from the narthecium, and added a plasma pistol which is symbolic of Chaplains.

I wanted to model up a book or codex, but I didn't think it fit the background of a Space Wolf Chaplain. I vision them with a more oral tradition, than reading from an old tome. So I decided to go more with ritual and symbolism (what the heck is he talking about you ask). I see a Wolf Priest offering a remembrance through partaking in sacred brew rather than reading, hence the drinking horn. Besides, the book would have been hidden by the narthecium, so I think at the end it worked out.

Wolf Priest Narthecium side

On the last pic you can see some more rim at the bottom of the leg. I added it here just to add some more colour differentiation when I come to paint it up.

Wolf Priest back

Well that is it for now. I will be posting the finished model with its helmet and Crozius Arcanum soon. I am on a dead line with another project so I guess the Wolf Priest will have till wait a bit longer.

Farewell until next time,


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