Sunday, December 19, 2010

Swiftclaw Bikers - Putting them together

Hi everyone,

I'm feeling a bit guilty because instead of painting the Grey Hunters which are the mainstay of my army, I spent the precious few hours I have dedicated to my hobby on customizing my Bikers. What can I say, I have always been a fan of bike squads. I thank Russ I don't collect White Scars and that the SW don't have Scout bikers (at least I hope not, that means more spending).

Swiftclaw Bikers
 I consider BC bikers to be 'veteran blood Claws', so I decided to give them some pelts and trophies to enhance them a bit (actually it's just an excuse, I couldn't resist adding the furs and trophies). I put the pelts at the back and the trophies on the front and side. I still gave them the 'Rune of Acceptance', since they are not ready yet to join the ranks of the Hunters. I have edited some of the models since I took the above picture, but I will post the whole unit again when painted.

I have to say that when you exchange the torso of the Biker with a SW part the fitting is terrible. The feet don't reach the clutch and gears, or they don't sit well. I ended up adding a layer to the feet and covering up the gap between the torso and abdomen with furs (which actually worked out quite well). I also had to carve out part of the seat on some of the bikes to produce a better sitting pose. I found this all very annoying since I didn't want to spend so much time as I did on them. Don't get me wrong, if they were display pieces I wouldn't mind spending a hundred hours on them if that is what it takes. But these are just gaming pieces, so I don't want to end up spending more than absolutely necessary. I just want decent models.

Unfortunately, before I took the pictures I started dry-brushing in the metallic parts, which is very messy, so the various parts of the bikes are not very clear or distinguishable. It wont happen again. I intend to add two more bikers to the unit to a total of eight. I will magnetize the arms of the next two bikers as to make them interchangeable with a power fist and melta gun. This way I will have the option to field one or two units of bikers with special weapons. It's an excellent way to diversify your army without breaking the bank.

I had an 'Attack Bike' squadron of three, which cannot be used in the new codex, unfortunately. So I sold one of them and bought the two extra bikers. Eventually I will paint up the the two remaining AB and convert them to BC. I also intend to build two Wolf Guard on Bikes as well, but that's for later.

Well, I 'm off the paint those GH before Russ strikes me down.

Farewell until next time,


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