Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Swiftclaw Bikers - Painting them Up (Part 2)

High everyone,

I have just finished painting my next two Swiftclaw bikers I started 3 days ago. I didn't start them sooner because I decided to add a satchel with a utility rope to the front part of the bikes. The rolled up blanket-thingy didn't seem enough and looked rather empty and dull on its own. The rope is just wire and the bags are simply a piece of plastic with a greenstuff flap. Very simple, yet effective and it only takes about half an hour to make. Basically one full session for me.

Swiftclaws front view

Swiftclaws back view

As you can tell from the photos I tend to work in pairs. So they tend to be similar in design. The first two I painted were also similar, as will be the next two. I do this on purpose, because it speeds up things when modeling and painting. Naturally if I modeled all six the same painting would be easier, but I wanted a bit of variety.

I also started building up my first unit of Long Fangs. I bought two boxes of the old Long Fang box sets from a guy who has become disillusioned with Games Workshop, and was selling his stuff at the club in nearly pristine condition. I bought both for the price of one. I did this mostly for the old Space Wolf sprue (the one with the meltagun and wolf-head backpack) and because I like the feel of metal models. But I soon regretted this decision.

I have never seen more ill-fitting models in my life. They are worse than the Swiftclaws. From the metal models not one gives a good fit with the backpack and weapon cabling. I am going to have to greenstuff this or cover it up somehow. If anyone has a way to get around this in a simple and effective manner please let me know. Well, just for everyone's info, I highly recommend buying the the new plastic devastator squad and interchange parts with the Space Wolf sprues. Trust me on this. It will spare you a whole world of angst.

That's all for today.

Farewell and good health,


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