Friday, December 24, 2010

Swiftclaw Bikers - Painting is Done!

Hi everyone,

I have, at last, taken a few quick pics of my finished Swift Claw biker pack. The photos are not that good in quality but I did not have the time to cross the island to borrow my brother's camera for close up photography, but I think they serve their purpose.

These bikers have been ready for a while and next Thursday I field them for the first time. As usual my inert lethargy to set things up for shots and put the set up away tends to fix me in a procrastinating mood that is very hard for me to budge out of. Well here are the pics:

Swiftclaw Biker left side view

Swiftclaw Bikers right side view

Swiftclaw Biker Pack
I will be adding a Wolf Guard biker, a Wolf Priest biker and an Attack Bike soon, but after I finish painting the Long Fangs and my second Grey Hunter pack.

Farewell and good health,


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