Monday, December 27, 2010

Splintered Light Miniatures - Goblins Review

Hi everyone,

Today I would like to continue my review of some Splintered Light 15mm goblin miniatures I had the pleasure of adding to my goblinoid army.  Like their bigger cousins, these goblins were also sculpted by the talented hands of Ben Siens.  I forgot to mention this brilliant sculptor in the previous post - I apologize, it was my first review.

Once again, there is not much to criticize about this range - they are exquisite little gems that are excellently proportioned and detailed and above all full of character.

Orc & Goblin Heroes

The Orc and Goblin heroes pack contains four characters that have amazing detail and are excellent for command stands or to represent single heroes. There are three goblin characters and one orc character.  I am particularly fond of the Goblin hero with the helmet with plume and chainmail covering his face.  He has a pose that spells 'I mean business'.

Goblin Scouts
Orc & Goblin Heroes

The other two packs are the Goblin Scouts and the Goblin Warriors.  Both packs cost $8 and contain 12 beautifully sculpted goblins.  The Goblin Scout pack has 3 different poses but the Goblin Wariors pack has 6 different poses.  Once again they are ideal for the rank and file of any army.  What's better is that they do look like goblins in size and aspect when seen next to the orc range and when compared to dwarf minis.

Splintered Light have more in their Orc and Goblin range that can be viewed on their site here. I am especially fond of there Giant Warg which I do intend to get after December and January pass by.  I don't want them getting lost in the mail. While you're there check out Ben Siens' Dark Elf range as well.  If you like Dark Elves you will not be disappointed.

I have also contacted Splintered Light Miniatures and they have told me that they have more orcs and goblins to add to this range.  Waiting in the production line are goblin cavalry command and goblin cavalry. They are also thinking of adding
some different general orc warriors and some big bruisers both on foot and on boars.  Personally I can't wait to get my hands on them.

Once again I would like to thank and congratulate Splintered Light for producing this winning range of minis.  Let's hope they continue to grow and prosper to time indefinite.

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