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Greetings everyone,

I'm Night Runner and this is my new blog!  So before I start I just wanted to write a few words about myself. I live in Malta (EU) and I have been war-gaming since 1983. I began with historical war-gaming  but quickly moved to fantasy and 40k when I discovered Lord of the Rings and Games Workshop.

I have a passion for the barbarian peoples of Europe with special focus on the Celts, Vandals, Huns and the Vikings (especially their mythology). I have been a Wolverine fan since I discovered the X-men in '77 and I adore movies (especially the werewolf genre), photography and reading in general.

When I started playing Rogue Trader, I was immediately drawn to the Space Wolves Chapter. There was something about the name that invoked an imagery of conquest and glory. At that time I played them like a normal vanilla marine chapter and their heraldry was very Ultramarinish. I painted my first army and played very aggressively and got shot down quite a few times. More than I like to recall.

With the introduction of 2nd 40K edition the Wolves were fully upgraded to a viking/werewolf mythos. Imagine, an army of Wolverine-like warriors and not just brainwashed super-soldiers like the other Astartes. Vikings, werewolves and Space Marines all rolled into one package. I was instantly hooked and have been a devoted follower of Russ ever since.

In fantasy I began with the High Elves, because my young pliable mind was enthralled with Tolkien's Elves in the Silmarillion, but with time I crossed over to the Wood Elves and I am now a proud owner of a very large (mostly unpainted) army of the Silvan folk.

About 10 years ago I started the switch to smaller scales due to limited space and rising costs.  It is very hard in this day and age to buy new armies.  The cost in metal, plastic and resin are all prohibitive.  So currently I play Epic scale 40K (6mm) and I throughly enjoy playing fantasy in 10mm and 15mm.  In fact I haven't played 28mm in years, simple because it is a hassle to take my army to the club (I have no scenery of that scale at home). So my beautiful Wood Elf army only has an honorary position in my show case!

Lately I have also began to develop a game system for 10mm and 15mm fantasy war-games.  Unlike other developers, who to try to come out with innovative systems I decided to take what was good in most historical and fantasy systems and combine them into a system that suits my tastes in war-gaming.  It is finally done, but it still needs a bit of play testing before I publish it for free download on this blog.

As time passed I was drawn to the painting and modelling side of the hobby.  I have come to enjoy building dioramas and painting single pieces, usually in the 54mm category.  A large section of this blog will be dedicated to this area, with projects being documented as construction develops.  I think it is a neat way to keep a log of my work!

In fact I will try to post at least once a week, but in the meantime here are some pictures of some of my work - finished and in progress - just to give you taste of what is to come.

First off are some of my larger scale models I am currently working on.  They are roughly 1:8 scale.  The first is my favourite X-man, the one and only Wolverine.  I have always had a fascination for this feral berserker, something about his primal nature draws me to him.  Maybe that is why I like the Space Wolves so much.

I designed him in his '80 civilian clothes simply because I think they suit him.  The piece is called  Do You Feel Lucky Bub! It sounded like a suitable title at the time, but maybe I'll just call it simply Logan.  We'll see when it is painted up.

The next is an Ork Warlord.  With this piece I did a lot of experimenting with various materials and my learning curve took a steep turn for the better, despite the many mistakes I did during it's construction.

I still have to paint him up but he has to wait until I finish painting up my new Space Wolf army. This happens a lot with me.  I lack the discipline to stay on one project until it is finished.  I just tend to start new projects and before I know it I have several lined up on the back bench waiting to see their day in my showcase.

Speaking of Space Wolves, here is a diorama I have just complete modelling.  All I have to do now is paint it up.  The picture is of a Wolf Guard beating up 3 Orks.  I will post a selection of pictures when it is finished.

Moving on to some of my armies I will start with my oldest and the one that is closest to my heart.  The all natural and organic Wood Elves.  Here is only a small sample of what I have got painted and unpainted but I don't have the time to take pictures of it all.  At least you can get an idea of what it looks like from the pic below.

As I have already mentioned above I have made the jump to 10mm and 15mm war-gaming, simply because it is more cost and space effective.  My 10mm army is made up mostly of Citadel's Warmaster range, and just let me say there is not a finer range on the market.  The detail and proportion is nigh perfect.  It's a pity they are so expensive.  On the positive side, games at this scale are played in representational numbers, so one does not need that may pieces to play large battles. Here is a sample of my High Elf army.

Unfortunately I sold the bulk of my 15mm armies because compared to Citadel's 10mm Warmaster miniatures they were rubbish.  I don't want to give negative publicity so I wont mention the ranges, but I was lucky to get my hands on some of the old yet superior Ral Partha and Grenadier 15mm miniature lines and I have started to build from scratch. I will start to paint up the Orc and Goblin army first.

Last, but by far not the least are the unmistakable Space Wolves.  I have had several incarnations of my Space Wolves army and I have sold them off and rebuilt several times.  To be hones I now regret doing so because I had some figures that are now irreplaceable, but that's life I guess.

Well that is nearly all for now.  Next week I will start posting regularly, work permitting, and I will try to stir this blog from its humble beginnings into something more professional looking in content and appearance.

I have some links that I use often and which I thought I'd share with you all.  The Bolter & Chainsword is one of the best resource sites on the Net for Space Marine Power Armour armies.  I encourage you all to check it out.  The other is Beasts Of War which is more general but just as good.

While your at it you can take a look at my other blog on the The Bolter & Chainsword that deals exclusively with my Space Wolf army.  It's been up quite a while but I haven't updated it in a while since I've been focusing more on my 10mm and 15mm armies.

There is also a link to one of the best bits shops in the market - Wargamers World.  Buying bits has become indispensable to modellers and gamers alike.  It is one of the few ways we can keep expenses down.  Over the years I have tried several, but now I buy exclusively from this online shop because I have had first hand proof of how honest and well intentioned the owner is and I have no problem endorsing him.  Buy from him with confidence.

So, until my next post, my nothing stop you from wargaming and model building.

Farewell until next time,



  1. So much to comment on! I'll just say a few things.

    Nice Wolverine sculpt. Any plans to make a model of Russ himself?

    I'm also a fan of werewolf movies. Have you seen Dog Soldiers? Myself and a few others thought it was pretty good for a medium budget film.

  2. Hi Sigismund. First off thanks for commenting. With regards to the Russ sculpt I have an urge to do a sculpt of Russ at the same scale of Wolverine, lifting Magnus above his head in defeat. The problem is it is technically out of reach of my experience level for the moment. So I postponed it for easier projects, but I will get there.

    As regards Dog Soldiers, I also think it was good and an excellent example of innovative film making on small budgets. Checkout the behind the scenes clips to see what I mean.



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