Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Grey Hunters

Hi everyone,

I have just finished adding details and modifying my first Grey Hunter pack. I bought these miniatures dead cheap from Ebay. They came assembled, undercoated and partially painted. The guy who sold them didn't even bother cleaning up the mold lines, otherwise they were in excellent condition.

I have decided to build all my GH (and BC) with vanilla marine legs and will be using the legs of the new SW sprue for LF and WG only. I want a way to distinguish between packs besides their weapons and pack markings. I will give the GH pelts, wolf tails and tooth laces. From my fluff-perspective this is practical of units that are the core of the company and most frequently employed in battle.

I want the WG and LF to be more elaborate w.r.t to armour since they are the most respected of troops. The former for their prowess and the latter for their experience. I will also reserve the new power backpacks of the new SW sprue only for WG. The rest (GH, BC and LF) will get normal backpacks albeit modified with tails and pelts on occasion.

As you can see from the pics below I like to paint up and add the decals to the shoulder pads before sculpting in details. Since greenstuff (duro) is gum-like and doesn't leave residue; it allows me to work faster. As you can see I have replaced the 'Rune of Acceptance' of the BCs with the army badge. I like the the look of the army badge on the shoulder pad as opposed to putting them on the legs.

I really like the way the two marines with the wolf head and arms came along. They usually have a habit of coming out rather bulky, but I have manage a nice fit this time.

All I have to do now is replace one plasma pistol with a special weapon and one power weapon with a cc weapon and I can start painting them.

Farewell until next time,



  1. should really write a post and go into a bit of detail on how you do your GS sculpting. Between the wolf teeth and heads, I'm absolutely amazed.

  2. Thanks for the complement and for commenting Lucas. Next week I have a post series called No Talent Required. It should shed some light on how easy it is to do them.



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