Friday, December 31, 2010

The 1st Grey Hunter Unit - Part I

Hi, one and all,

I have finished painting the first 5 Grey Hunters of my first unit. I am quite happy with the results. I have said several times on this blog, my intention is to build up an army for gaming and not display, so where I could do away with time consuming techniques, like shading and highlighting, and get by with block colours, I have. I use transfers in order to save time free handing insignia and I keep 'mixing colours' to a minimum.

I apologize for the quality of the pics, but I am not equiped for close up potography. Also the armour is coming out with a bluish tint due to the lighting I have available. It actually has a greyish tint but I guess it can't be helped. I'll have to tweak the 'White Light balance' on my camera when I gain enough initiative to overcome the lethargy I have for doing such things.

Grey Hunters

I'd like to describe how I go about painting my gaming pieces. After prepping, first I give them an undercoat of Adeptus Battlegrey. The next step is to paint in all the metallic colours, add black washes and highlight with drybrushing. I always do this first because metallic drybrushing is a very 'dirty' technique, so to speak, and leaves a lot of fragments all over the model. After that I paint all the pelts, furs and hair and drybrush accordingly. When all the drybrushing is done I paint the face first and all the accessories next. The last step is painting the armour.

As you can see from the pics there is no yellow at all in my Grey Hunters, and there will be no yellow whatsoever in any of my 3 projected GH units. Don't get me wrong, I like yellow, but GH are not Imperial Fists. I want my GH units to be down-to-earth, nitty gritty, pragmatic and sombre; just like their name-sake 'Grey'. Therefore, yellow, IMO has no place in these units. Yellow is a bright colour used a lot in nobility and heraldry in general, therefore it's place in a SW army is with the colourful, in-your-face, Blood Claws or with the heroic Wolfguard; but even then kept to a minimum in the pack markings.

It's not just the yellow that I tried to keep to a minimum, but also any unnecessary bling and ornamentation. Therefore I have used normal vanilla legs and backpacks for the GH units. I'll leave the new SW legs and backpacks for the Wolfguard (whom I affectionately call the 'Bling Boys').

Well that's all for now. My next entry will be the three 'Mark of the Wulfen' Space Wolves I am converting for the Grey Hunter units; or the other 5 Grey Hunter models in this unit. Which ever I finish first!

Farewell until next time,



  1. Your Space Wolves are looking awesome! The green stuff on the long fangs adds a lot to them. I saw their painted photos first, and didn't even realize it was green stuff because it was done so well.

    I look forward to seeing more!

  2. Thanks for the great comment Sigismund. I have on in the pipeline.

    Thanks again!

  3. Those are some outstanding looking Grey Hunters!

    The greenstuff work is amazing!


  4. Thanks Big Jim. I am very glad you like them, and thank you for taking the time to comment.



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